For this design, some Piranha RGB LEDs are positioned around the outside edge of a clock that hangs on the wall. They are slightly angled so their beams will create a star pattern against the wall as it cycles through approx 16million colors. I am using a clock, purchased second hand, 8x RGB Piranha LEDs and one of my versatile High Power LED Drivers, which can control almost any combination of LEDs from a high power 5 or 3 watt to 25 single color LEDs per channel.

It does not have to be a clock, all thats need is a housing that the LEDs can be positioned in, and a way to cover the LEDs but allow the beams to shine. I built a example using a 3" diameter by 1/2" thick bottle cap and some cardboard. See Images.

I first saw someone build something like this a while ago on an artists website and have wanted to make one since. I do not have the link anymore, if someone knows of it please let me know so I can credit him.

I have many other LED related projects, please Check My Profile to view them.


Step 1: Collect the Supplies

I have Basic Kits and Economy Kits for the LED Driver I used for this project. As well as PCBs with free shipping.

Get a the Same Kit as seen in this Instructable, with 12x Pirahna RGB LEDs

Mix 20 of any Color 5mm LED for $4+shipping, Find It Here

- LEDs, color and amount is personal preference. My Store has good prices on LEDs, shipped from the U.S.A. I chose 8x Piranha RGB LED
- LED Driver, this is optional, single color LEDs could be used.
    I can put together custom kits with what type of LEDs thats wanted. Contact Me for info.
- Resistors, if not using a LED Driver
- Housing, a clock in this insturctable
- Power Supply
- Wire, type and amount depends

- Soldering Iron
- Solder
- Pliers
- Diagonal cutter
- Wire Stripper
- Drill
- Drill Bit, probably 5mm or so
- Masking or Painters Tape

I will can create a custom kit with LEDs and Driver with exactly what you want included. Just Contact Me
how does each led know when to turn on or off according to the time ? <br>
Hmmm... This gives me an idea... I think I'm gonna work on this design but make the clock facing toward the wall and attach a red LED pointing to the outside of the clock to the hour hand, a blue LED to the minute hand, and a green LED to the second hand, so in the dark I could just tell time from where the lights are situated on the wall....
Or perhaps you could use the clocks hands as conductors. It would then only light up the led corresponding to the hands location.
Does this use battery to work? ^_^
cool <br>
Cool. <br>Love to see a video (time lapse maybe) of the clock working.
Awesome build!

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