Picture of LED Stick Figure Costume
This Instructable will show you how to make an LED stick figure costume from LED strips and a power source. It’s a very inexpensive costume and should only take about an hour to make if you know how to solder. It’ll also keep your kid’s safe while they go out on Halloween night as they will be lit up and very easy to spot.
Here's a little video from this year's Halloween showing what it looks like in person.

Step 1: Items You'll Need

Picture of Items You'll Need
Black pants and hoodie
5 meters of strip LED lights in your choice of color(s). The length will ultimately depend on the size of the person wearing the costume but 5 meters is more than enough for a child.
Electrical tape (black is typical but I had both black and clear and used both)
9V battery connector and battery OR 3 Cell LiPo battery and appropriate connector (LiPo is MUCH brighter but is potentially dangerous and should only be used if you research the proper use of them. See HERE for battery care.)
JST connectors for connecting the pants LEDs to the hoodie
Soldering iron
16-20 awg black and red wire. The gauge isn’t really all that important as long as it is flexible. If you have an old computer you don't use anymore, you can take the power supply and raid it for wires.

Optional but very helpful:
Wire strippers
Helping hands for soldering
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Cpt_Spaz9 days ago

Good costume XD i love it+ congratz at being a finalist

hfb (author)  Cpt_Spaz9 days ago
Thanks. It's hard to believe it's been nearly a year but it was fun to do.
ALECIALLEY5 months ago

Congratulations on being a finalist

bhvm11 months ago
Using 9V battery with 12V LED strip was a nice idea. It makes them safer and Longer lasting. Wish you luck. If you have space, also try 8x AA cells. Rechargeable ones recommended.
hfb (author)  bhvm11 months ago
Thanks! It definitely makes the lights a little dimmer so they're not completely blinding and it can be much lighter that way too instead of carrying a larger battery.
LED's are by nature long lasting anyway and I'm not sure if using a lower voltage makes it last longer but who knows! It definitely is safer using a 9V over a LiPo battery.
I did think about using 8 AA cells but the problem with that is weight as that is very heavy. Using 8 rechargeable batteries gives you a nominal voltage of 9.6V instead of the 12V you would get with alkaline so other than for longer lasting lights, a 9V battery would work as well as 8 AA cells and would be much lighter to carry around.
poofrabbit11 months ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween costume contest! Can’t wait to see if you win good luck!
hfb (author)  poofrabbit11 months ago
Thanks! We'll see what happens with the contest. It's not being announced for another week and a half so it'll be a while.