LED Stickies! an Upgraded Throwie.





Introduction: LED Stickies! an Upgraded Throwie.

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Hey everyone! This is my take on the ever popular LED Throwies! An all-terrain Throwie.
Just as simple as the original by Graffiti Research Lab.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

Tape. Scotch, Duct, Electrical, Packaging, doesn't matter.

Mounting tape. This is double sided foam tape. I got mine from the dollar store.

LED. I'm using a 3MM red one just for demonstration purposes.

Coin battery. 2025, or 2032 coin cells, used in remotes and key fobs. Again, from the dollar store.

And last but not least, your favorite cutting tool.

Step 2: Look How They Shine for You

Now, take your LED, and put it on the coin battery.

The longer LED leg goes on the positive side, shorter on the negative. This isn't always the case, I've had some messed up LEDs that were reversed. If you're confused about which battery side is which, the positive side will most likely be marked with a +. If not, just mess with it and find out!

Get some tape, and wrap it around the legs of the LED, and the battery.

Step 3: Make It Stick!

Cut a piece of the mounting tape that's about the same size as battery. One side of the tape is sticky, one side of the tape has paper over it. Press the sticky side down.

Congratulations! You're done! Now go stick it somewhere.

Step 4: Fin

You're done! The beauty of these are, that they work with all surfaces, except wet ones... And that you can peel and stick them! (a limited amount of times)

All due credit goes to Graffiti Research Labs, I just added tape to it. ;)

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    You could do that, but the point of the stickie is to basically be an all-terrain throwie.
    All a personal preference!

    i have a plan. someone should throwie bomb a mettal building, or car with the magnetic throwies. as you build, cut a small piece of plastic or paper and put it under one of the leads. that way, you can store them, and when action comes, pull the cord and throw-ie :)


     I've heard up to a week with normal throwies.. But I personally think the magnet drains the battery some, I don't actually know if thats true or not though. So it might last longer as a stickie. It also depends on the mA usage of your LED.

    this is like 10x better than a throwie! thanks. plz make more!

    1 reply

     Thanks!! I'll be posting another LED project soon.



    Nice idea. What about a super glue LED Stickie? It'll never come off! Muhahaha.

    5 replies

    Thanks! Haha! Yeah, but you'd need to carry a tube of super glue with you XD 

    Yeah. Unfortunately that might be a little suspicious.


    Haha! Just a little bit XD. Thats why I like the mounting tape.


    Thanks =P