LED "Stone" Outdoor Garden Light





Introduction: LED "Stone" Outdoor Garden Light

I have installed quite a few garden lights over the years and have found that they either cost a small fortune or they quickly wear out in both functionality and esthetics.

Today solar lights are the big push. Although solar lights are great for marking a path in the darkness and can look pretty with the right application, they seem to be made much cheaper than the cheapest 12 volt lighting. I don’t really consider them garden “Lights” at all as they produce very little light. Also, in the northern climate where I live, they shut off early on the long dark winter days when you need them the most.

Wanting an affordable alternative to these problems, I came up with my own design using all easily acquired materials (which was a challenge in itself) and knowing that it can be difficult to create another one in the future after the project details have been long forgotten, I decided to put the extra effort into creating a step-by-step.

Being interested in DIY projects, I recently came across the Instructables website and wanted to share my project but I certainly don‘t want to rebuild the whole process from scratch so I‘m sharing it this way.

At a glance the project looks long and intimidating but it’s just because the process is in such great detail. These are quite easy to build, especially after the first one and they really light up an area or pathway. They could easily be hooked up daisy chain style to a battery with an adequate solar panel to create some very bright, high quality garden lights, especially with the low power consumption of the led bulbs. Here's the guide ~ "Build Your Own "Stone" Garden Lights"



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    This contest is for LED's! Your bulbs are 12VDC incandescent. You are out of the running from square one. Do you know what an LED is? Light Emitting Diode! Anyone can run a string of 12 VDC kights from a transformer. But your stone thingy is OK. All you need to do is make it with LEDDDDDDDD's!

    I personally only use LED’s for these lights, you can see my extensive pitch in the steps here: http://www.stonecraftsite.com/columnlights/id10.html

    I saw this from another Garden based instructable but your link to an external site is no longer working. Do you plane to remedy this?

    Fixed it. The old site address expired. Thank you for letting me know, I really apreciate it!

    When and if I have a garden, I will use your design! Thanks!

    Excellent! May you one day have an amazing garden. I love to know when people like it and would like to use it. If you ever do, be sure and post pictures on my website’s facebook page. Thanks for your comment!

    Is it just the ring around the middle that lights up? Cause if I were you, I'd try to find a way to make the post light up with the "stonework" as a gobo. Make it kind of like the glowing stones from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

    It’s a great idea. They actually have a transparent concrete available now that I would LOVE to work with but it’s not yet cost effective. You just add fiber optic beads instead of sand. Pretty cool stuff!

    Transparent concrete? Now I've almost seen everything! (joke) This is a great Ible so you're getting 5 stars AND my vote.

    Many thanks! It’s much appreciated!