This cap Instructable is a part of our larger Lumenhattio project, in which we're experimenting with ways to make stretchable glowing helmet covers that provides affordable, changeable style by day and safety light by night. We recently presented the Lumenhattio at the World Maker Faire, and a lot of folks suggested that this is also a great project for teaching kids about electricity! The cap requires only 5 inexpensive materials to make, and because of its low voltage power supply and the resistance of the conductive thread, you won't get zapped with electricity while you make this cap!

Step 1: Materials

• 20 to 30 Piranha LEDs
with identical voltages (check part specs)
we tried: http://superbrightleds.com

• 20 feet of Conductive Thread
we tried: http://sparkfun.com

• 1 Spandex Cap
available at sporting or beauty supply stores
we tried: Feel Beauty Supply, Brooklyn

• 1 Sewable Coin Cell Holder
we tried: http://sparkfun.com

• 1 Coin Cell Battery
CR2032 220 mAh Lithium Ion
we tried: http://amazon.com

• 1 Mid-Sized Needle

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Bio: The DuKode Studio focuses on creative data transposition to many forms, including software, animation, print, and physical objects.
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