Picture of LED Strip Lantern
I had a roll of about 4 metres of white strip LEDs and I wasn't quite sure what to do with them. Then, one day, I had the idea of wrapping them around a vitamin jar to make a battery powered camping lentern. 
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Step 1: Container

Picture of Container
I used an empty Swisse vitamin jar as my container for the batteries and something to wrap the LEDs around.

Step 4: Powering It

Picture of Powering It
Now, there are probably a few different ways to power the LEDs, I chose this little power converter kit which can be rigged up to provide anything between 4.5 and 15 volts, perfect for my 12 volt LEDs. Oh and it only runs off 3V!
(On the site the product is called "3V to 9V converter" but it the instructions explain how to get different voltages).

Step 6: Testing!

Put the batteries and the converter board in the jar with a piece of foam to stop them rattling around. The LEDs look a bit dim in this photo theres probably a few reasons for that, one would be the camera making it look darker, another would be that it's day time and it's not made to focus the light like a torch, it's made to spread it around on the ground near you. I'll see if I can get some photos of it at night to give you a better idea of what it's like.
Rich19531 month ago

You might be able to puy a coil of wire inside the bottom and make a contactless battery charger. I like it and my thought was to try and add my finger nail size arduino to control those RGB strips.

Samraat2 months ago

nice one bro

ashoka5551 year ago
So nice
jensenr302 years ago
that looks realy neat!
sbrookes1 (author)  jensenr302 years ago
o__o2 years ago
Cool! Check out my helmet I made, I also used LED strips. They are pretty handy huh? :D
sbrookes1 (author)  o__o2 years ago
Yeah they are, they even make LED strips that you can control the colour of each LED independently via serial, would be great for decorating a christmas tree.

PS. I had a look at your helmet and it's very cool! =)
Dark Light2 years ago
Nice. Thanks for sharing. The link to the power converter was a bonus...I can use a few of those ;o)
sbrookes1 (author)  Dark Light2 years ago
No prob.