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Here i am posting a tutorial that explain how to make a simple LED TORCH.Its a very simple and very useful torch.We can easily change the battery after battery charge is empty.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram

Step 2: Components

Picture of Components

-battery 9V

-resistor 330 ohm

-push button switch

-led 5mm

Step 3: Components Arrangement

Picture of Components Arrangement

First make two holes in the 9v battery socket to place the led,then connect the led positive terminal to one terminal of the push button switch the opposite terminal of the switch connected to the 330 ohm side of resistor connected to the terminal wire coming from the positive terminal of the battery.The negative terminal of the LED is directly connected to the negative wire of the battery holder.You can go through my video for more details


AzeemF (author)2016-09-14

Very nicely done, love the compact design

ecworks (author)AzeemF2016-12-08

thank you Azeem

JunezRiyaz (author)2016-10-07

Nice and Compactable

ecworks (author)JunezRiyaz2016-12-08

thank you

DreamDabbler (author)2016-07-08

"torch" as in U.S. English "flashlight" or just "light."

ecworks (author)DreamDabbler2016-07-09

oh thank you my friend,thanks for your message.Its so valuable for me.. thank you very much

DreamDabbler (author)ecworks2016-07-10

Oh you are very welcome, it means so much to me that you replied and let me know it was so valuable. Very welcome so much indeed. (are we having fun? I'm smiling)

bvsmanya (author)2016-07-08

How did you draw circuit diagram?

ecworks (author)bvsmanya2016-07-09

Hello friend,

I draw circuit in the software circuit wizard

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