Here i have made one table lamp using LEDs 
it is an appropriate technology 
power save up to 80 %
Easy to make , 
No Maintenance 

Watt - 1.5 watt
Input - 230 volt AC / 50 Hz
Light - White Cool

we can use it as
-Table Lamp
-Night Lamp 

For more detail Contact me
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Step 1: Doing home work

Picture of Doing home work
 My sister is doing home work under this lamp .

Step 2:

Picture of

Step 3: Lamp

Picture of Lamp
 Looking nice

Step 4:

Picture of

Step 5: Useful for reading

Picture of Useful for reading
 you can read using this lamp .

Step 6:

Picture of
10-year-olds are important too, and to limit their education by not giving them some instruction is just wrong. It's been almost 9 months since the last comment and still there are no instructions for this. Some of us are trying to learn some neat things to teach our kids, while encouraging safety. Please get the instructions added, or delete this one. It's not an "instructable" if it doesn't instruct.
The construction of this is so blatantly obvious it needs no directions. The capacitor and resistor are wired in series with (capacitor = line and resistor = neutral.) The rest of the LEDs are wired in series anode-->cathode--->anode--->cathode configuration, all in parallel with the resistor and capacitor. Remember, on any type of diode in a schematic configuration, the "arrow points toward the cathode." Good luck with your kids, I hope that helps a little bit :)
DERP!!! I meant to say "anode to anode" and "cathode to cathode" configuration.
Oh, additionally a "condenser" is a very antiquated way of saying "capacitor." Except in automobile-related practice, it is never used.
when I was ten 1 could build this, maybe you should just read some basic electronics books. An easy way to uild this is to put a "wallwart" in the base and then pull it through the neck into the head. Then put leds in series to get upto the neccessry voltage and add a resistor depending on your led.
phtan4 years ago
Please visit the link to view my LED powered table lamp modification.
 hello dear hiren,
                               You join Bridge diode with Capacitor & Resistors with led's..ok?? but by this way...led's light gone down in some times. For making it for long life...must be required SMPS power supply. by using SMPS Led's light & life must getting maximum. By using Bridge diode circuit...sometimes capacitors or resistor will be heat or burn....& blast also some time & its negative point is if you give more than 250, circuit or led's must fused or damaged. So better way is using smps power supply & dont use more led's...1 watt led giving same light of small 40 Led's.
Prashant - surat(guj) india
Dipankar4 years ago
Here is the circuit for running the LED's on AC.
AC - LED- CUBE circuit.jpg
ironsmiter5 years ago
I'd make the suggestion that this would be better served by  a slideshow, and short descriptive text, than a "full instructables without instructions".

just my opinion(and obviously some others judging by the comments)

remember people, PLAY NICE, and comment nice.
TheGoodLife5 years ago
Too often now there are instructables posted without any instruction.

Who is vetting these "I done it without showing how" teases?
hirenpanchal47 (author)  TheGoodLife5 years ago
 point from my side is only APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY  that's all.

& just you say " I done it without showing how " 
  that mean you can do , so why you required Instruction ? 

I have put this images for guidance only . for some one who intrested in this field ,

& i will update this Instruction very sooooon  , 

Thank for your Comment

I hope you do update your instructable as that is what the word instructable means.

Considering your instructable refers to 240V mains electricity then it is very important you provide instruction otherwise someone could try and guess a solution and electrocute themselves.
Obviously nobody! I tend to skip anything that looks like it was made by a 10 year old.