LED Taillight Motorbike


Introduction: LED Taillight Motorbike


Hey yawl

A while ago I swapped my standard 12v 21/5w bajo light bulb for a LED light
because I was eager to improve my motorcycle. I didn't watch the specs of the LED light, which include the amount of lumen.

When I took a ride on my bike with my friends they told me, they had difficulties telling whether I was braking or not.
So I searched the Internet for a 'Better' bulb that matched or exceeded the specs of the standard bulbs, and pretty soon came to the conclusion that there weren't much options.

http://www.webbikeworld.com made clear that there are a couple of problems;

- Not enough lumen (braking light).
- Not enough lumen (running light).
- Not enough difference in lumen between running and braking light.
- No effect on original reflector.

DO NOT compare the amount of lumen with a glow bulb and a LED bulb. To make a long story short: a LED shines in an curtained angle, and a glow bulb shines 360 degrees. The measuring is in an angle so they only measure a bit of the Glow bulb’s amount of lumen. That is why most measurements are false.

Step 1:


After a while I stumbled upon this website. http://www.immers.info/Webwinkel-Category-250865/BAY15d-Dubbele-pin.html.

It is a Dutch website, so I hope you do understand it.


The specs of the most expensive bulb were outstanding on which I decided to take the risk of throwing 33 euros away.


In the photos you can see comparisons of bulbs (for what they’re worth).

Step 2:

The old LED bulb to the right, new one to the left.

And then finaly the result!

The old one

Step 3:

the new one:

Step 4:



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    If you look at the webbikeworld video you will see the same LED's the offer. So, that's my reference point.

    Superbrightleds.com might have saved you about half the cost of that bulb, just say'n.