Picture of LED Throwie Talkie
Maker Fair Mashup: G.R.L. LED Throwie + Cybords = Throwie Talkie

During the 2006 Maker Fair the Graffiti Research Lab was demoing their LED Throwies and Pat & Ward Cunningham were demonstrating Cybords. While talking someone made a comment about wanting to give the Throwies a voice. Ward & Pat took a simple ATtiny45 chip and added it to the mix to give the LED a voice. Computerized Throwie Demo
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Step 1: Get the Supplies

Picture of Get the Supplies
You will need:
<ul><li>10mm Diffused LED
<li>Programed ATtiny45 Computer
<li>CR2032 3V Lithium Battery
<li>1/2" Dia x 1/8" Thick NdFeB Disc Magnet, Ni-Cu-Ni plated
<li>1-inch wide Strapping Tape

For a more complete parts list see: LED Throwies instructables page

Step 2: How we program the chip

Picture of How we program the chip
We program the ATtiny45 chip using this and Atmel Avr Tools.

Step 3: Bend the leads

Bend the chip and LED leads to match.

We bent off the middle leads so that they wouldent get in the way.

Step 4: Solder the leads

Picture of Solder the leads
The chip is programed in a way that we can solder the LED leads right across the chip. The best way to solder them together is to hold one side with nedle nosed plyers and tap the other side with some solder.

The longer LED lead should be soldered to the 'vcc' (power) and 'rst' pins of the chip. This shorts the chip reset and gives it a more secure conection. Make sure to reference the wiring diagram in this step to get the pins correct.

Step 5: Snip the Ground

Picture of Snip the Ground
Next you have to snip the LED lead betwen the ground and control pin so the chip can compleet the conection and make a message.

Step 6: Conect battery

Picture of Conect battery
wedge it inbetwen the two leads.

Step 7: Stick it!

Picture of Stick it!
This is the easiest and most fun.
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can i use audio amplifier?? it is the same..
zerozz7 years ago
Here is my modified version of the Throwie Talkie actually sending Morse code over the air waves on ham radio. This project has been a lot of fun and I am still coming up with ideas for it's use. It's not just for decorating a bus and it's not expensive trash. Some people just don't have an imagination. :)

Image 1:

Image 2:

See the video:
ham? I LIKE HAM!!!!!!!!!!
I *hate* green eggs and ham...
Agreed. And I don't even know why I said what I did above. I guess I was high on sugar.
where can buy rogramed ATtiny45 Computer?
jpr555 years ago
How do I get the ATtiny13v programmed? Not sure I understand that step. Can anyone help? I have a son who is learning Mores Code and this would be a fun way to either drive him crazy or help speed up the learning process.
godofal jpr555 years ago
easiest is (for me it is) a ghetto programmer, u can make one cheap and u will probably (if ur hobby is electronics) have the stuff (except maybe the Dsub connector)

all you really need is a computer with a paralel (printer) port.
check this instructable, its what i based mine on:
and mine, wich is basically a cradle that i can change the connections on:
jjam1005 years ago
this is wicked ill make one right away
agis685 years ago
interesting project for further analysis. You see that makes me to think about to built a led flasher that sending SOS with a bright LED that blinks with the appropriate rate and u can see for far away. Now if you pack this in a water proof kit then this is life saving project and anyone will have it when travels with any surface vessel. Think about it!
blackfister7 years ago
Interesting throwies. I have a question/comment/propousal.... Having seen the throwies, and this talkies... I understand there is a sound frecuency that only people under age 24 can hear, I have a mean idea, that is to make many throwies that emit a sound in this frecuency, and hence clean areas of young people. Is this possible? Any one knows how to do so? anyone intested in teaming up if this is possible? martin
I know exactly what your talking about. I'm in my late twenties and apparently haven't lost that part of my hearing yet. In fact, my dentist uses a new high-frequency sonic drill now for cleaning teeth. Every time I go, I get this painful very high frequency squeal in my ears. I asked him about it and he said that a few of his younger patients have complained about it too. If there really is a young person sonic "deflector" or whatever, it would drive me insane, and I would avoid that place like the plague. In fact, I wouldn't mind loosing that ultrasonic part of my hearing. The only time I notice it, it's either really annoying or just flat out painful. Although, maybe it is useful and I just don't know it because I've always had it and don't know what it's like without it. Oh well.
actually i rememeber reading somewhere that some shops in some countries do do that and i do think its a bit rude but unfortunately i can understand y u would want ppl my age out some places...
were do u get the program thingy?!?!?!?!?!?!?
MrZim45 years ago
doesnt it need a speaker to be able to hear the voice?
temp MrZim45 years ago
it's sending it out in morse code, so the led turns on and off.(in morse code language) The whole "let the led throwies be heard" Just means allow some way of sending a message.
MrZim4 temp5 years ago
ok that makes sense...
kennerow8 years ago
How long does the battery life last?
im not sure with voice, but most LED lights last two weeks on this type of battery. :)
so... what is the voice for???
i think its for morrice code (hope i spelled that right) no your led's can tell u that ur sexy!!!
Morse code* but i've got no idea what it's spelling!
cvxdes 2fst4u7 years ago
ascii: .db "now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country " .db "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs back ",0
"now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country" does not have all the letters of the alphabet.
Neither has the other.. at least not all the danish ones: æ ø å are missing. :)
Ω≈ç√∫˜µ≤≥÷åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬œ∑´®†¥¨ˆø¡™£¢∞§¶• are missing also
Derin5 years ago
Instructables does not allow HTML coding in guides(there is a secret way though),instead you use Wiki formatting.
* Lists are done* like this.* They turn out * pretty much like* EXAMPLE:
  • Lists are done
  • like this.
  • They turn out
  • pretty much like
Disposable art! I know that we live in a pretty disposable culture and just flying across country and back will cause much more waste than these throwies. All the same, I find the arguments for this to be pretty ingenuine. This is the creation of an item for a few minutes of fun, if that, and aside from the act of throwing a glowy light around it doesn't look all that appealing from the outside view. If I came across a bunch of these somewhere where they'd been abandoned I'd think it was on par with the Christmas lights that are strung up in several windows around town. If these same things are talking, then congratulations, you've made the guerilla art equivalent of a talking birthday card. Whether it's a MIDI Happy Birthday or your own sample of you saying "Hello, helloooooo" over and over it's still annoying. It's just more visual and audio noise from the city and guess what? You've just made more junk. And then you threw it high up so that it can't be recovered easily. How rebellious.
You seem to be talking about something altogether different.
My bad, I took the talking to be literal. My arguments about this project being crap still stand, however. This is technology being made to throw away and that's a waste no matter how you look at it. I found that when this issue has been brought up before the creators have completely ignored it.
mayb its cuz they dont care wat u hav to say no offense just saying thats usually the only reason i dont respond to criticism
'talking' seems to mean 'flashing out messages in morse code' which as we all know, is a sure-fire way to get your message across, since morse code is so widely known. UltraSonic seems to imply that his actually makes noise, which thankfully is likely to be too expensive to be disposable. Your comments are exactly what I was trying to get across - that these things are not just garbage - they're /annoying/ garbage. So congratulations, whoever thought of this, you've created something obnoxious. Good work, I guess.
maker12 rotor7 years ago

bad Q-branch!lol!

You eat food, and i hope you don't try to recover it. =D
Amen! I actually have run across a giant metal sculpture (on UW's Seattle Campus) that had been "Throwie'd" and it made my week! It actually made a lousy piece of public art (which is the subject of ridicule among many students) somewhat pretty... Granted it was probably a bit of a pain for the Janitorial staff (who power-washed them off the next day). But it was worth it!
when the author says 'talking' I think... from what I can make out... its simply blinking. Just fyi
Woh! Didn't expect that reaction! Yes Talking! Original was jabber... simply repeating spoken words made to interface with a metalic radiator...... Now with enhanced Flash, has own Repertoire and optional jabber. Guys, I'm sorry you don't approve. Who cares. My unit cost is < £5 UK. Big bulk buyer!!!!
...your cost is what? I see "talking-throwies" as untapped resources - kind of like yellow-stickies that can only be read/heard by those able to read/find them. "Listeners" can be configured - to tap into the stored message - encoded/decoded - rechargable. Good idea - better refinement.
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