Introduction: LED Throwies On/Off Switch

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2x card paper (Manilla) slips

1x 2032 lithium watch battery

1x 10mm diffused LED

1x rare earth magnet (Neodymium)

Tape (electrical or duct tape)

Step 1: Make the LED Light Up

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Touch the ends of the LED to the battery so that the longer end touches the positive side of the battery

Step 2: Tape

Picture of Tape

Cut a 5-7 inch long strip of tape. Stick one manilla tab on the tape

Step 3: Making of the LED Throwie

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Put battery and LED on the manilla so that the positive side is face down

Step 4: LED With Magnet

Picture of LED With Magnet

Wrap the tape around once and put the magnet on the negative side of the battery

Step 5: Final Step

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Slide second manilla tab in between battery and longer LED end so that it can break the circuit when slid in and out.


seamster (author)2015-06-04

Very clever, and so simple. Great idea, thanks!

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