Step 3: Tape the LED to the battery

Picture of Tape the LED to the battery
Cut off a piece of 1-inch wide strapping tape approximately 7-inches long. Tape the LED leads to the battery by wrapping tape 2-3 times around both sides of the battery. Keep the tape very tight as you wrap.

The LED should not be flickering.
ncunico3 years ago
What I need to know is, can a tiny wireless switch be made to turn this on or off. I am making a terminator appliance and need to be able to turn it on or off. It needs to be tiny to also fit under the appliance..
milsorgen5 years ago
i never noticed how big these LEDs were until I saw it's as big as his thumbnail lol
How exactly does the epoxy improve brightness?
you know that soldering two connections makes the least amount of resistance. Well you can't solder lithium batteries so conductive epoxy is the cheapest way to make a current solid.
The Dude7 years ago
Perhaps instead of buying the magnets, just stop by computer-repair shop and pick up some dead hardrives. That way they are free, and you can just bust them up into smaller magnets so you get a lot
seavashr8 years ago
this is small idea but nice job