Step 4: Tape the magnet to the battery

Picture of Tape the magnet to the battery
Now, place the magnet on the positive terminal of the battery and continue to tightly wrap the tape. The magnet should be held firmly to the battery.

If the magnet is stuck to a ferromagnetic surface, dont pull on the LED throwie. Apply a lateral force to the magnet and slide it off the surface while lifting it with a fingernail or tool.

Remember to keep the magnet away from conventional hardrives, credit cards and other data storage devices.
WearJDV3 years ago
I like the parade idea ...
abce136 years ago
as a response to koil_1 i know for a fact what he says is true for hard drives but i once took a small locker magnet and swiped it across my debit card and it ruined it and wouldn't swipe it might only be for debits tho
Rub any sort of magnet over something that uses a magnetic strip to store data and you'll wipe it clean. The way the strips (or discs in the case of floppies) work is by arranging the particles a certain way. If you wipe a magnet over that you're basically realigning the particles and wiping the data. (correct me if I'm wrong on this one. It's been a whiles since I was told how floppy discs work.)
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andybuda5 years ago
im thinking catapult and plastic bag taped to the led
could work let me know if it does(i dont have a catapult)
nxt week water bomb bra catapult
Koil_16 years ago
Anyone who has actually taken a hard drive apart knows that they have massively powerful rare earth magnets in them used to control the position of the read/write heads. The only way you could damage a hard disk with a magnet is to open it and wipe them across the platters multiple times. Even then your not likely to damage the data. It will just have a hard read/write error. Having them around the outside of the drive will not damage them. That's a myth. I've been working on computers for years and all that time using a magnetic screwdriver. I haven't damaged a single one. Matter of fact I use some of the magnets inside the broken ones that come in to hold tools on the back of my workbench. To put it shortly. You can't damage them with magnets that your going to find commercially available to the public unless you open it. Chances are if you do that your going to break it anyway. The smallest piece of dust on the other hand, can destroy them if it gets between a head and platter. The only thing that would get really damaged would be a floppy and I don't know anybody that still uses those so I think we're safe there. Don't think I'm mad or anything here. I'm just trying to clear up some confusion on this subject. Unless you have a degausser or a commercial electromagnet of a fairly high power your not going to hurt a hard drive.
 Someone had to point that out didn't they.
Tom Dog1235 years ago
How long do they last?
drewx496 years ago
I don't understand why you would need a magnet after taping the LED to the battery.
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I'm gonna make a bunch of these soon