Step 5: Toss your Throwie

Picture of Toss your Throwie
The LED throwie is ready to be tossed onto a ferromagnetic surface. Practice tossing your throwies. Work on your accuracy and your own personal technique. Every throwie wont stick every time, but if you toss them gently, they will stick eventually. Get them up high and in large quantities for greatest enjoyment.
spinach_dip9 years ago
It's "I beam," not "eye beam" because the cross section of the beam is shaped like a capital "I" with serifs.
As long as we’re being pedantic the picture you posted is not a I-beam it is a Wide flange beam also called a H-beam. I-beams are rarely made these days. ; )
Isn't a wide flanged H just an I on its side?
Actually eyebeam is the name of a lab at Graffiti Research Labs.
Ever hear the term "play on words"?
actually, no haha
ms103 years ago
cool keep up the good work
WearJDV3 years ago
Great work on this tutorial ... it's a shame to see so much flaming going on in the comments. Keep up the great work Q-Branch
Hi, I noticed that there's IR LEDs as well in that website you posted, I was wondering if these http://bit.ly/rv0aze would survive the 2032 battery just as the LEDs you used in this instructable. Thanks!
cool knex134 years ago
Calypzo6 years ago
How long is the battery life for these?
london mike6 years ago
Hey I found that the magnets that hold the glass on the front of a Aqua vision bath room screen are super strong, which could increase mounting success. I'm off to light up the night.
6. now go to a group for only the most c r a z y wallets of such fun, and whats in a title but the number 1.
B33FY927 years ago
hey i was wandering y you put the magnet on it
AzraelUK9 years ago
Actually, 'Eyebeam' is the name of an R&D lab, a subdivision of which is the Graffiti Research Lab (http://graffitiresearchlab.com/), who made LED throwies. So, what it meant was: 'The structural columns inside the Eyebeam R&D lab are perfect for throwies'

Geez, don't you guys know anything ;)?