Step 6: Plan a campaign

Picture of Plan a campaign
Now, find a building or structure that will attract the magnets, form a crew, wait until night, and get some throwies up. If you do it around a crowd of people, they will probably try to get into the act. It can quickly dissend into chaotic fun. Give a hand-full of throwies to a stranger and let them get up too. Remember, Throwies are only a temporary alteration of your local environment. Depending on the color, Throwies can last upto two weeks, but you arent going to cause any permanent damage, so most property owners wont mind. And The NYPD loves throwies!

Click on this link to see the LED Throwies in action!
fadecomic1 year ago

I'm going to take a handful of these in blue to a con dressed as Goku. KAMEHAMEHA!

veno2605 years ago
i made mine waterproof
Is waterproofing necessary? I think the only reason electronics have problems in water is short-circuiting. With a simple circuit like this and at such a low voltage it shouldn't short. Either way, that's awesome. Now i want to see how buoyant they are and put 50 in my pool.
roflbot4 years ago
how long would the batteries last?
snow28015 years ago
how can they be a temporary alteration? They will still be there even when the battery has run out as the magnet will hold them in place, they could be too high to be removed.
farzadbayan5 years ago
Nice , That's really funny and it's Art .
roborg5 years ago
LM3909 (best IC for a throwie & many other uses) is no longer manufactured, so sign this petition to get it back into manufacture! http://www.gopetition.co.uk/petitions/start-manufacturing-the-lm3909-ic-once-again/sign.html
 Why not just use an all in one blinking led?
007dna5 years ago
I suppose you could buy rechargeable button cell lithium batteries, and just reuse them after use.
javi.ar6 years ago
What do we do with the batteries after finish? I hope it will not go to contaminate.
I, too, am looking for something to do with the batteries once they die out. I have very limited options since recycling isn't very common where I live. Is there a place I can mail them?
That's funny. I work at The Half King. Guess I wasn't around to see that.