Step 7: Other applications and upgrades

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Other applications:

Other than tossing it, you can also use your LED throwie to write in the air with light while taking a long exposure flick. You can put them on your bike as an additional reflector. You can put the on surveillance cameras to make them more visible at night. You can use them to play a version of bocci ball on a magnetic surface in the dark.


You can make a better LED throwie by using shrink tubing on each lead to make sure they don't short to each other or the battery. This upgrade will allow you to bend the LED so it faces in the direction you choose. You can also dip the throwie in epoxy, silicon or potting compound to make an all-weather LED Throwie. A resistor in series would allow you to increase the throwie shelf-life. Bigger batteries = longer life. Stronger magnets = increased stick probability. You could add a solar panel, photocell, etc...Have fun.

User Upgrades:

Flickr instructional set for thowie on/off switch mod -- by A. Joyce, aka. EverythingDigital
nlewkowitz6 months ago

Cool concept.

dada113 years ago
I'm new here and I want to learn how to make a solar throwie. can someone teach us?. thanks
JKPieGuy3 years ago
The only problem I see with this is having broken material and ruining a perfectly good """"Rare"""" Earth magnet. Other than that it seems like a pretty cool concept.
Hey, what about using IR (infrared) LEDS for use with light amplification gear?
Like night vision that can illuminate any object at any distance.

veno2605 years ago
could u use el wires or something
 El-wire requires an inverter for it to work. It would be  a very expensive thing to do.

El wire uses DC current, same as batteries. I think the problem is how to supply the voltage for effective lighting.
What's the "life time" of 1 of these?
Throwies can last a few days.

It depends on the LED (+++Brightness=+++Power used) and the battery used. LEDs can last quite a long time before burning out so the problem is the battery. Using a higher capacity or adding a resistor (bigger batteries will make the Throwie bigger and heavier and resistors will lower the brightness. This is why people want to make them with solar cells and photoresistors. Solar cells gather the energy and photoresistors will tell when it is dark enough.
1-2 weeks
i found it pretty nice .................................
Mainz5 years ago
would the LEDs still be as bright if you put 3 or 4 on a single battery, I know it would go flat quicker but I think they would look cooler
fritzle5 years ago
Hi there,
aren't the LEDs and batteries harmfull to the enviroment, just toxic waste once they're burned out???
jpjp.xx fritzle5 years ago
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gorovich6 years ago
It's Freezelight.
Replicator6 years ago
You could also add a pull out plastic tab (between positive leg and battery) so that you can prepare your throwies at your lesiure and only activate them seconds before the throw :D Additional testing would be required and I would reccomend putting the tab on the magnet side so that there is additional force to connect the lead to the battery.
thaizeal6 years ago
good idea
Opalinus7 years ago
You should really add Resistors, it will be much better for the LED and the Battery. Round 65 Ohm Resistor will be enough i think, for a LED which needs 20mA and needs 1,7Volt. Good Luck
i see you have a good working knowledge of ohm's law and LEDs. that's my calculation exactly. i am puzzled though w a 1.7 volt LED. their forward voltage is usually not that low except for IR, which are in a category all their own.
Because the throwie on my handlebars looks like part of a high-tech alarm system, my bike has not been stolen in weeks! Also, a handful of these keeps my garbage disposal smelling clean and fresh!
These also look great on barrettes, belts, and suspender clasps. Not to mention suits of armor.
DELTA3X97 years ago
ROCK ON........
totaly cool you rock can you make it flash
doo da do7 years ago
for people who forget where they park, maybe they could put one on the car antenna at night What ya think?
nick-dawg7 years ago
Super duper dude. i threw them all over the lamp post in my neighbor's yard and they actualy thanked me!
Holy hell these things are fun to play with and can be added to almost any gelly toy to make it light up!
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and yes, lets just enjoy the throwies......:)
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mr depo8 years ago
your right, but these are cool i throw them on my friends house
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