Step 2: Punching Holes in Tin Can

Picture of Punching Holes in Tin Can
LED Tin can lantern5.JPG
Take the printed out pattern or design and securely tape it to the tin can. Remember the lid is the top (up) position for pattern layout.

Fill the tin can with cold tap water leaving about 1/4 inch from the top and put in the freezer for 24 hours.

With the tin can frozen you can punch-out the pattern.
Lay down a towel on a hard surface like concrete will work the best in punching the holes in the tin can. If the paper is getting to wet due to condensation then put the tin can back in the freezer for refreezing.

Punching the holes with an awl or ice pick rather than drilling is best. Drilling make the holes all uniform in diameter but punching the holes makes light different hole diameters thus give the tin can a more unique way it lights up. The LED will shine through the holes in the lantern.

The handle for hanging your LED tin can lantern can be made from a metal hanger or 18-16 gauge solid type wire. Punch two holes in the tin can for support. See the picture for reference.