Simple steps to convert your old bulb torch to LED Torch for just 1 $

Step 1: Step 1 - Parts & Tools

1.Power LED 1 Watt  with heat sink  - 1 No  -------------->                                                   10  Rupees
2.Resistance 10 Ohm  1 watt or 4.7 ohm 1 watt for more brightness - 1 No.  ----->       1
3.Switch SPST  - 1 No.                                                                                                                 5

4.Diode  IN 4007 - 1 No.                                                                                                              2
5.Resistance  1k - 1 No.                                                                                                              1
6.LED Red - 1 No.                                                                                                                         1
7.Charger socket (Audio )                                                                                                            5
8.Battery  4V  0.4 Ah (SMF)                                                                                                         35
                                                                                                                             Total            ---------------  60  =    1 U.S. $

Charger you can use any old existing charger which is rating 5 Volts  or can use mobile charger also for this you need to change the socket accordingly.

 Note : If you want  to have long duration  , you can change battery 0.4 Ah to 1 Ah which will fit in the torch, the price is around 50 rupees in India.
<p>Hi Mr. Mahadev,</p><p>I saw you simple LED rechargeable torch project and I am excited. Well I am not an Electronics Professional or a graduate but I am quite interested in Electronics. Anyways I have a few clarification to make I..e 1. What could be back up do we get if we use 1watt LED. </p><p>2. can we use 3 watt LED with a battery with higher capacity(Ah) to get better back up?</p><p>3. what if we build the Charger Circuit inside the Torch instead of having Charger separate? With that we can connect the torch to the mains directly.</p><p>4. what do u think about transformer less charging Circuit in respect of durability and Safety? </p><p>I request you to clarify my doubts and need you help. Awaiting for your reply.</p><p>Vinay Rao</p><p>Mangalore, Karnataka State</p><p>Email ID :vr.aryan@gmail.com</p>
Dear Sir <br> its really nice, &amp; where did you purchased power led for 10rupees pls send the address of shop <br>Vishnuprasad <br>elect design engg <br>9443788569
Hi vprasad i dont which city u stay, i generally purchase in Hyderabad Koti area or bangalore SP road, or Mumbai Lamington road you can buy from any electronics shops. <br>
<p>saw ur project its very simple and unique me from mumbai ... </p>
Hi sir <br>I am in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu <br>here i searched 3W3.5VDC its cost of 90rupees
Hi i think price is high , it should be around 30-50 max, and more important is 3Watt LED exhaust battery very fast so my suggestion is alternate to this u can use general LEDs 5 nos solder very closely u will get nearest brightness . i have uploaded new image for your reference. u can reach me mdev.diy@gmail.com for any help.

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