LED tube lights have become more and more popular replacement for conventional light sources especially fluorescent lights. They come with many innovations and advantages which enable them optimal replacement for conventional fluorescent lights. Tube lights can greatly reduce the greenhouse gas emission, and they are environment friendly without mercury and other toxic materials..

Tube lights are ultra energy efficient green lighting fixtures which convert most of power to light instead of heat. Unlike a lot of other sources of lighting that convert great deal power to heat, they converts almost all of the power to light, which leads to the high efficiency and enables them a much better selection for lighting. Since they generate much less heat then other light source, LED tube light are cool to touch even after long time operation.

LED tube lights can last over 35,000 hours which means you don't have to replace bulb for a long period. The durability and reliability help make them extremely appropriate in workplace, school, and supermarket along with other areas. They hardly need any maintenance costs during their lifetime. LED lights can easily switch to direct current which is a stable light and doesn't harm your eyes.

LED tube lights consume approximate 50% energy of a comparably rated fluorescent light based upon light output. Different tubes from different manufacturers may deliver different energy consumption results. Fluorescentlight tubes, including compact fluorescent lights, are coated on the inside of the enclosed tube with a phosphorous material. The tube is filled with a small amount of mercury vapor at low pressure. When electricity is introduced, the mercury gas produces ultraviolet light.

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