Introduction: LED Wall Clock

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This is just a simple way of redecorating your wall clock with basic materials around the house.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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  1. Old Wall Clock
  2. LED Ligths - Straw Hat White Led
  3. 9V Battery + Clip
  4. Alteco Glue/Top Bond
  5. Jumpers (Wires)
  6. A4 Paper
  7. Laptop/Desktop computer
  8. Bred Board
  9. Wrapping Sheets

Step 2: Tools

  1. Soldering Iron + Lead
  2. Cutter/Razor Blade

Step 3: Procedures

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  1. LED's (Light Emitting Diode), I had some old flashlights that I wasn't using so I used the LED's from them and tested on the bredboard to verify its working. The LED is a white Straw hat led light with a forward voltage of about 3.1v and a forward current of about 20mA. I didn't make use of resistor for the resistance since I was using a small dc voltage, so I'l have a power dissipated in each led of about 55.4mW.
  2. You can as well order for these led's at elcetronic stores

Step 4: Soldering

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  1. Get the LED's after testing, and solder them in series, i.e all the positive (anode) legs together on thesame wire. Likewise the negative (cathod) legs.
  2. Ensure, all the LED's light up after soldering

Step 5: Positioning

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  1. Measure the spacing in between each time interval and mark it clearly
  2. Insert the LED's and Wires inside the Clock and seal it firmly, using the Alteco glue

Step 6: Design

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  1. Using your Laptop or Desktop computer
  2. Log on to microsoft word and create a new document
  3. From the Ribbon, go to INSERT after the HOME and select SHAPES, then click on the OVAL shape, within the basic shape category. (Depending on the design of the clock you want to do, you migth want to pick a different shape).
  4. Draw three different shapes and Insert them accordingly from big to small, to the size of the frame.
  5. Insert any picture you want to use as background
  6. Draw smaller circles for each time unit and place in the frame
  7. Select each shape and group them by right-clicking
  8. Type the numbers from 1,2,3...12 and use the Jokerman font (You can use any one you like)
  9. Print

Step 7: Wrapping

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  1. Cut out the background picture to be used
  2. Get wrapping sheets from gift items
  3. Insert the glue/bond and place the sheets all over the clock and cut to fit into the clock using the blade/cutter

Step 8: Finalizing

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  1. Cut out the time numbers and insert on the design before placing it into the frame
  2. Cut out a little space for the switch and place the switch there
  3. At the back connect the negative wire of the LED to the ground of the switch, while the positive goes to the ON switch.


Zaye (author)2016-05-29

That's great, I should work on that

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-05-29

I love making custom clocks. They are always more interesting than a plain clock face.

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