In this Instructable you will learn how to make a Glowing multicolour LED Water Lamp at home using very few materials.

It is a very simple and small lamp that is very easy to make and fascinating to look.

For Visual Clarity of Procedure, Watch the video..!

For Written details, proceed to next step....

Step 1: Items Needed

1. A waste plastic or glass bottle (Any bottle ca be used if it can stand still even when placed inverted)

2. A Multicolor LED (RGB LED)

3. A coin cell battery

4. Hot glue gun

5. A cup of clean water

Step 2: Method to Make the Lamp

1. Take a Plastic Bottle and drill two holes in the cap to fit LED legs.

Note: You can use a hot needle to make holes, but be very careful with this step.

2. Insert the LED in the cap from inside and apply some hot glue around it, make sure to seal it well.

3. Fold the '+ve' leg of LED at an angle of 90 degrees.

4. Also, bend the '-ve' leg in opposite direction and fold it twice or may be thrice to make it thick.

Note: Watch the video for more visual clarity..!

5. Apply hot glue over the cap such that the '+ve' leg is immersed inside the glue, whereas the '-ve' leg is slightly above it.

6. Place the coin cell over the glue, so that the '-ve' leg of LED is in contact with the cell.

Note: Make sure that the cap settles well when placed inverted.

7. Fold the '+ve' leg over the coin cell such that when the bottle is placed inverted, the LED turns ON.

8. Fill the bottle completely with water and close the cap tightly.

Note: The water helps in scattering the light inside the bottle. You can also add some glitter to get a sparkling effect in water

Step 3: Demonstration of Product

Our LED water lamp is now ready. It can be used in room during the night as color changing mood lights. It is really amazing and fascinating to look at the changing colors.

Watch the video to see the product come live ad get a more clarity of the procedure to make one yourself.

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All the Best..:)

<p>Awesome! if you have a white LED and colored plastic could you put the palastic around the bottle for same effect? or maybe the led? although, i do need this! AWESOME!!!</p>
Thanks..:)<br>Yes, you might get the same effect if the colored plastic combined with bottle gives same translucency and you can also try to color the white LED with a permanent marker(of any color you like) but it will not be a color changing lamp(you need a RGB LED for that), although it is worth a try. <br>Surely leave a comment about your efforts and if possible share the image or the demo video.<br>All the best...:)
ya i want to do it... i might do it this weekend : ) (if i can get an extra led no ones using lol)
<p>oh yeah.. good idea! It was ony a suggestion and i cant really find the time to do it = /</p>
<p>the original comment i mean</p>
<p>Ohh....no issues, do try if you get sometime and thanks a lot for appreciating my work..:)</p>

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