Introduction: LED Worklights for Your 3D Printer

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In this instructable I'll outline the process for the design and production of my Neo-pixel work lights.

When I got my printer I thought the printer bed could use some additional light. I'm using an Arduino Uno to run the Neopixels, but later on I'll use a bread board duino.

I made this Instructable after the fact, hope it'll suffice!

Step 1: The Adapter

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The first thing I needed to make was an adapter so I could 1.) Mount anywhere on the printer and 2.) Adjust the angle. I figured a clamp style adapter would do the trick, The adapter clamps onto the printer with a screw pressing against the body of the printer, while holding the mount for the Neopixel with another screw, I thought I would've needed to use a nut, turns out the hole was tight enough to not need it.

Step 2: The Neopixel Mount

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When designing this I figured the hardest part would be running the wires and figuring out how to allow space to solder on the wires, I guesstimated the angle to be a 30 degree offset and made sure to make the holes wide enough for the wires. To keep the wires together I used a foot long piece of heat-shrink tubing all in all this was a very easy process it just took a few tweaks that I'll add in later. I've got a 24-pixel ring lying around so stayed tuned for more!


nibrocd (author)2016-01-12

cool I have that exact same printer

KalTol1994 (author)nibrocd2016-01-26

How long have you had it and how do you like it so far?

nibrocd (author)KalTol19942016-01-26

I think it's pretty awesome. i got it for christmas but they shipped me it with not enough belt for the pulleys but they sent me more free and it works great now

KalTol1994 (author)nibrocd2016-01-27

That's when I got mine, have you seen my setup Instructable?

rafununu (author)nibrocd2016-01-13

I have the worklights, what's about an exchange ?

Sverd Industries (author)2016-01-12

Where did you connect your leds?

Sorry for the late reply, but I got lazy and velcroed a Arduino uno to the side above the main board and ran wires from the 12V input on the board to the Uno. So I have an Uno leeching power to run Neopixels.

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