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The following are pictures of a real Zippo that I modified with one high powered LED. My dad bought the LED for me but the cheaper option would be a one dollar click light from Fry's or something similar. It is extremely bright (almost blinded myself) and it lasts for quite a while with the right battery. Make sure to double check that you don't have a battery that will burn out the L.E.D. (i've done that before) and also make sure to insulate your wires, otherwise you will lose electricity through the case (it's a very good conductor). Finally, I did not come up with the idea but I may have improved on the previous Instrucables ( design. This works very well as a flashlight and served me well. Also, I designed everything to be removable and the Zippo to be reconstructed. Right now, I changed this Zippo back to a normal flame.


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