Recycle some wine bottles and set a mood with this simple LED light fixture. I improvised a bottle holder out of thin plywood because half the bottles were corked and the other half were screw type. I cut the holders on a bandsaw following the pattern below.

Since then, I have made a kit available from Ponoko. It includes laser-cut bottles holders and most of the electronics too: http://www.ponoko.com/design-your-own/products/wine-bottle-led-light-fixture-6589

Step 1: Materials

Stuff not in the kit from Ponoko:
Bottles (I’m using 16 Riesling bottles here, labels removed.)
68 Ohm resistors (8) I got these from Radioshack.
Hooks (16) Got ‘em from Lowes.
wire (having 2 colors makes things a bit easier)

Included in the kit:
Bottle Holders (you can make 16 of your own from .25” plywood using the pattern)
Super Bright LEDs - blue 10mm (16)
Barrel Jack to 2-pin JST
Wall Adapter Power Supply - 12VDC 600mA
Heat Shrink - Black 5’ x 1/4”
I tried stuff like this, but I had lots of trouble with the X-formers, and I was using industrial ones! The little wall wort just didn't last long ether, they get VERY HOT and burn out. the only way I could think of was to use a PWM Circuit. Did yours last ok?
So far so good.<br>
Very cool, I guess its because I like the color blue :) nice work
This is so cool!

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