hmm... What to do with the huge empty expansion bay in a PS2? Why back light it with LED's of course!

Step 1: Materials

1.) Male USB connector
2.) wire
3.) Electrical tape
4.) wire strippers
5.) solder and soldering iron
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So the LEDs are powered by the USB connection when the PS2 is turned on? I've never thought of that. I've been tinkering and trying to find someway to make it Light from the inside. so it looks a little.....'prettier'. Without the wiring going from front to back. See, I have a window in mine with Modded memory cards and Bluelight controllers, I'd like to find a way to put matching blue LEDs to light up the grill and the Window.
id go right off the psu<br>iv got no clue what the voltages are tho so if anyone knows please share
&nbsp;ok first thing for the internal PS2 led mod, make sure u know how to put the thing back together when u dissasemble it, ok now remove the top half of the case by removing the 10 screws from the bottom and lift lid off being carefull not to pull apart the ribbon attached to the switches, remove the switch assembly and place to half of the case aside<br /> <br /> Now, it all depends on which version of the PS2 u own, if u can see nothing but heat sink on the top of the ps2, then u got the wrong one im talking about but ill explain in a min, from the top view of the ps2, u can see a small plastic plug lookin thingy in the top right hand corner... it has 4 instert pieces. ok when u have ur LED setup make sure u got positive and negative wires and nothing will short on any of them.<br /> <br /> ok and as i was getting at b4 with the wrong ps2 this little plug on the board is underneath all the other s**t liek under the disk box piece and then u gotta dissasemble everything and GAH!! it gets so annoying anyway u remove almost everything off of it and its under neath,<br /> <br /> ok now u gotta get both wires of ur led setup and turn ur ps2 on only so the little red light comes on, and on that little plug with the 4 inserts u have to just touch the 2 wires on any two of them until it lights up, then memorise them and turn ur ps2 off and stick em in there sumwhere so they wont come out, then just run a long enough wire to ur led board to wherever u want it and this method requires no soldering watsoeva so dont worry about it and then u can cunt holes and all sorts of s**t wherever u want and WOO HOO :D i didnt use led's on my ps2 i got a small blue neon which has a sound active box on it so when i put it on MO mode it will turn the neon on and off to the sound of the beat, u can get these little neon sets from a cheap automotive shop they are meant to plug into ur cigarette lighter port in ur car and yer one neon got smashed so i cut it off and now there is only one and its in my ps2&nbsp;<br /> :D but the same method works for LED's so dont fret have fun and i aint responsible to anyone if they get electricutes :D just be careful plz do at ur own risk...<br />
what voltage do the led`s have to be ???
correct me if im wrong but most voltage from usb ports is 5v and 1A
i toke the case of mine and added LED to the mother board. works kinda like this but u have to make a clear case.
im going to post an instructable soon on how i just built a battery powered slide-in peice with a switch it takes a little longer but it eliminates the usb cord wrapped around ur ps2 and gives ya lots more light
cant u just use a battery and stick it in the expansion bay as it is connected to the LED and what if people want to put their harddrive back there
this is sweet!!! i have got to do this
when i first started modding my ps2 i used the usb method but if you want to know the other way to wire it without usb just email me here campbell386@yahoo.com
I'm going to give this a try!
Well depending on the revision of the ps2, they can be easy to completely dissemble and not easy. Belive me I know, I had black plastic shavings all over my carpet from dremeling an empty case. But anyways, if you were serious about making it look good, I would take a peice of plexiglass long enough to cover that whole front grille of the ps2. Then I would place whichever colour of led I was using at both ends and most likely mess around with a voltmeter and the psu to find a suitable power source. This would yeild in a bitchin mod and look cleanly done too. If I ever get a hold of a regular ps2, I'll make a instructable of it, but for now all I have it my slim so por shame to me. Btw: despite what people say, slims load as fast or faster ;-)
lol i battery oped mine by wiring a few nine volts together i take it out when i get tired of it so the batterys wont die<strong></strong><br/>
The reason you should put the resistor is that otherwise the led may burn, as it gets too much current. Usually leds(super power, teh thingys i use) take 15-30mA:s of current. With that you can solve the size of the resistor. The formula is R=U/I Where R is the resistance, U is the voltage and I is current. For example. If you're using leds with values of 23mA:s and 3,6V:s, and the voltage source is 5V:s then it's 1,4/0,023. it's about 61ohms. Simple, eh?<br/>
I was going to do that but I forgot about it. Now with the Ps3 coming out, I would rather mod that.
There are rumors that the PS3 have more problems then the 360 did. Also said that the graphics on the released games were more or less the quality of the PS1 games.... probably why these people opted to make a grill out of theirs':<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/11/ps3_grill.html?CMP=OTC-0D6B48984890">http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/11/ps3_grill.html?CMP=OTC-0D6B48984890</a><br/><br/>I'm gonna wait til the prices plummet before getting one anyways. With $700 (a PS3 and a $100 game), you can buy yourself a brand new computer that will run almost as fast as the PS3 and allow you to do alot more on it.<br/>
looks kinda sloppy any ideas on ho to make it internal or something + I have an online thing
Solder power wires to the fan connection and run them to the bay. Drill a hole to it under the motherboard.
Or directly from the PSU or the USB box.
Honestly the only reason i did this was because i got bored, but didn't want to tear it all apart, instead just kinda do it half assed, you probably cant tell by the horrible pictures, but it looks great

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