LED Bicycle Wheels





Introduction: LED Bicycle Wheels

Hello I am from Russia. I like bike and LED.
I set the wheels of my bike LEDs
I want to show you the process of creating.
I sorry for my bad English, I use a translator

Now my bike is also inset with LED logo Rammstein:

Step 1: Step 1

Buy materials.
LEDs 12v
insulating tape
battery 9v
plastic clamps
solder and Soldering Iron

Step 2: Step 2

Solder the LEDs to the wires and wraps tape

Step 3: Step 3

anchoring the LEDs on the spokes of duct tape and clamps
anchoring the battery on the sleeve and collar tape
connect the LEDs to the battery

Step 4: Step 4

anchoring the spokes of the switch and connect to the battery and LEDs

Step 5: Final Foto on My Bike.

Foto on my bike.

Step 6: Foto on My Old Bike and Bike Freind.

Step 7: Foto of the Birthday of the City.

Foto of the birthday of the city.
My friends from Saint Petersburg came to me in the holiday town. Together we went to fireworks. People do foto with our bikes. So cool =)

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IS resistors necessary? cos the material list didn't include resistors

very good this helps me alot ......but i m facing batery problm

I wonder what it would look like with UV LEDs with spokes and inside of rim painted with fluorescent paint.

Nice work. I suggest for the beginner to include a schematic diagram.

yes..!!! it does form a circle..!!!


this is quiet simple and much more less expensive. I'd like to try this out on my motorcycle.

Quick question though, how about using the hamster wheel principle in making the LED lights turn on as the wheels are moving. That would save us from buying batteries too.

you can use google translate, which translates directly to English text with perfect spelling.

sorry for noob question.. how should i wire the LEDs? 4 LED in series = 9V battery? and then another set of these again? should i make it (4 LED in series) parallel with (4LED in series) = 9v battery?

Hi! I'm from Ukraine)))

Why not to drill the holes in the rim and hide all wires inside?
Battery will be hidden near the hub


Wouldn't this weaken the wheel?