Picture of LED bicycle wheels
Hello I am from Russia. I like bike and LED.
I set the wheels of my bike LEDs
I want to show you the process of creating.
I sorry for my bad English, I use a translator

Now my bike is also inset with LED logo Rammstein:

Step 1: Step 1

Buy materials.
LEDs 12v
insulating tape
battery 9v
plastic clamps
solder and Soldering Iron
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alcurb7 months ago

I wonder what it would look like with UV LEDs with spokes and inside of rim painted with fluorescent paint.

Nice work. I suggest for the beginner to include a schematic diagram.

andy10010 months ago

yes..!!! it does form a circle..!!!

andy100 made it!10 months ago

i would like to know how u connected all LEDs to the 9 volt battery?i have used 5mm LEDs when i turn the wheels it doesnt show smooth circle like yours..please help me..

2014-10-09 15.16.14.jpg
andy100 made it!10 months ago

i made it..but it just doesnt form a circle..each LED is connected to battery with a resistor of 470 ohms(yellow violet brown) to a 9 volt battery.

2014-10-09 15.16.14.jpg
WEDZMERM11 months ago

this is quiet simple and much more less expensive. I'd like to try this out on my motorcycle.

Quick question though, how about using the hamster wheel principle in making the LED lights turn on as the wheels are moving. That would save us from buying batteries too.

raffy.kock1 year ago


you can use google translate, which translates directly to English text with perfect spelling.

vsalditos1 year ago
sorry for noob question.. how should i wire the LEDs? 4 LED in series = 9V battery? and then another set of these again? should i make it (4 LED in series) parallel with (4LED in series) = 9v battery?
Vranov4 years ago
Hi! I'm from Ukraine)))

Why not to drill the holes in the rim and hide all wires inside?
Battery will be hidden near the hub
dkfa Vranov3 years ago
Wouldn't this weaken the wheel?
Ghost Wolf dkfa3 years ago
Not at all the spokes are really what keep the wheel straight and strong
Understood, but wouldn't an unbalanced weight (the battery pack) cause spoke deformation and ultimately a buckled wheel?
K2Joom gtoal2 years ago
You could drill on to the wheel.

Remove the inner tube and the rubber band/liner which is used to prevent the spokes touching the tube.
Drill your holes at the required position around the wheel. Do this from the outside, in. Ensure that you have one extra hole, which will be used to allow the wires to come out of, you need to decide where this should go, but it should be close to one of the LED holes.
Clean the holes of any burrs.
Insert the LED through the hole from the outside, so it faces in, checking the polarity of the LEDs so that the positives of the LEDs are all on the same side of the wheel.
Use some silicone sealant around each LED, on the side that the LED legs are. This will hold it in place and prevent water getting inside the tyre.
Crop the legs of the LEDs, so that they are about 3mm long then bend them over so they are parallel to the wheel.
Solder a red wire to the positive side of the first LED and carry on connecting up to the next positive leg until all of the LEDs are connected, laying the cable in the rim, where the rubber band was. The rubber band will then cover the wires. Repeat this for the negative side.
On the last LED, connect enough length of wire to come out the extra hole drilled for the wire as it will go up the spokes towards the wheel hub. The wheel hub is where the switch and battery pack can be mounted.
Insulate the solder joins with some insulating tape.
Test that the circuit works.
If it does, then refit the rubber band/liner tyre and inner tube.

You should be all set to looks uber awesome.

I think drilling holes into a bicycle rim would be quite a bad idea. The rims are kept in tension by the tensioned spokes, and have to withstand all sorts of stresses from the road, pedalling, and braking, so you wouldn’t want to weaken them with holes which which would be a good way for cracks to develop from.
pigloo Vranov3 years ago
Nice idea but you would have to make the holes with leds airtight
Erm, no you wouldn't. The air pressure is in the tube not the tire. You could keep it water (and air) tight with a bit of silicone though, which would probably be a good idea.
Doh, too much time dealing with car tyres.
ssukhi Vranov4 years ago
I like ur idea
praj05061 year ago
But the entire set-up will get damaged when it rains right?
pro52003 years ago
I think you can connect directly to the negative pole of the rims as a grounding, so it can have fewer cables. CMIIW :)
K2Joom pro52002 years ago
This could certainly work, provided that you can make a secure electrical connection from each LED negative to the wheel and also one for the wire to battery.
igarcia133 years ago
Are the led's in series? and also i tried using 4 led's and hooking it up to a 9 volt battery and it shorted.. Should i use more led's? or should i use capacitors? Please reply asap.. Need it for my bike :) Props bruh! :)) God Bless! :D

Btw.. Im using 3 volt led's
4 LEDs in series, if each is 3V. 4 * 3V = 12V
No need for capacitors.

Please check the polarity (which way around) you connect the LED to the battery, if wrong, the LED with not power up.
zuriputa3 years ago
I think this photo can help you, this is a scheme of bicycle wheel light.
bicycle light.jpg
Can you make these into kits for sale?
K2Joom zuriputa2 years ago
Great simple image.
This would work for standard LEDs with a Vf of 1.5V.

Anyone wanting to run off 12V, then you could use 8 LEDs (8*1.5V=12V)

In the parts list, the author mentions that he uses 12V LEDs. These essentially have a bias resistor already built in.
But i dont see the cables in that position.. do you think the led's are connected directly to the switch then the switch is connected to the battery? Please reply asap :) Thanks!
thixono3 years ago
So where can you get these tiny blue LED lights at? I plan on starting this project soon.
K2Joom thixono2 years ago
Any place that sells electronic devices.
Search Ebay for 12V LEDs for example.
vricsi943 years ago
Nice project! But I have a question: if you don't use a resistor, then what will limit the current flowing through the LEDs? Because LEDs usually fry when you wire them up directly to a battery :D
K2Joom vricsi942 years ago
Muromec is using 12V special LEDs. Imagine each LED with a limit resistor already built in.
If you can not get these type, then regular LEDs that have a Vf, forward voltage, of around 1.5 would work but you would need to add a resistor if your wired them in parallel.
Wiring in parallel, meaning each LED + goes to +V through the resistor and each LED - goes to -V. The down side to this is you waste more power as each bias resistor is used to drop the voltage from 12V to 1.5V, not efficient way, the battery life would be lower.

You could wire the LEDs in series, ie the first LED + to +V, the first LED - to + of the next LED, so on etc until LED #8, then the - of the LED connect to -V. In series, the sum of all Vf should match the input supply, so in this case 8*1.5V=12V.
The down side to this is, if one of the LEDs fail, the whole string fails, however, the total power would be lower than parallel mode.

The drive circuit could be improved by using a small regulator circuit.
1 LED- 12V
5 LED - 60V
1 battery - 9V
How you get these 60V on the one circle?And how long all this works?
Also note, as 9V battery is being used, then you will not be running the LEDs at full power/brightness. You could wire 6 AA batteries in series to get 12V thus making the LEDs brighter.
K2Joom K2Joom2 years ago
** 8 AA batteries
This type of LED runs on 1.5volts, not 12V.
Just thought I would mention that.
No. Each LED runs on 12V max. But muromec connects them in parallel, not in series. So in his case each LED runs on 9V from the battery.
thx for an answer : )
K2Joom2 years ago
Great Instructable
I would love to do this, but I live in an area where it rains somewhat frequently. Any suggestions on waterproofing this system?
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