Running from 2 AAA batteries this Maglite conversion really shines!

Seriously this is a hacked together Maglite and BBQ lighter Frankenlight that takes less than 15 minutes to build!!!

Step 1:

You will need a AAA Maglite or similar and an old BBQ lighter with a flexible neck.

Also needed are 2 bright white LEDs and a resistor that will provide the brightness level I used a small value for max brightness.

I also used a 5/16 flat washer and a dowel from an Ikea bookcase that I forgot to install. ( it needs to fit the inside of the washer)

There is some wire needed, I used some old multi-strand wire from my scrap bin.

I also had on hand a clamp from a cheap LED hat light from the $1 store (yes it was $2, go figure).

The lighter is disassembled and the flexible neck and headpiece are kept.
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woa thats cool THANKS!

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