Picture of LED booklight from a Maglite
Running from 2 AAA batteries this Maglite conversion really shines!

Seriously this is a hacked together Maglite and BBQ lighter Frankenlight that takes less than 15 minutes to build!!!
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Step 1:

Picture of
You will need a AAA Maglite or similar and an old BBQ lighter with a flexible neck.

Also needed are 2 bright white LEDs and a resistor that will provide the brightness level I used a small value for max brightness.

I also used a 5/16 flat washer and a dowel from an Ikea bookcase that I forgot to install. ( it needs to fit the inside of the washer)

There is some wire needed, I used some old multi-strand wire from my scrap bin.

I also had on hand a clamp from a cheap LED hat light from the $1 store (yes it was $2, go figure).

The lighter is disassembled and the flexible neck and headpiece are kept.

Step 2: Prepare the LED

Picture of Prepare the LED
The LEDs are soldered in parallel and a resistor is soldered to the Anode (+) and the leads are trimmed short. Two wires are then soldered to the leads and the trimmed LED leads are soldered to the other end of the wires.

This is then tested for brightness and polarity by inserting the leads into the socket on the top of the Maglite.

All wires are then sealed against shorts with heat shrink tubing once you are satisfied with the results..

woa thats cool THANKS!