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Introduction: LED Chaser

Based on CD4017 this fun circuit works for a line of six LED in bidirectional sequence. Unlike many similar circuits, this uses the negative signal of each output. In other words a dark LED runs back and forth.
As you can see on the circuit schematic, each middle LED is controlled by two outputs. If these are both low (so they put out the negative signal) the central pin of the transistor is supplied with a resistance of 23,5K(due to the diodes the current does not flow through the low resistances).
When one output takes the high level the central pin of the transistor is bypassed by the low resistance connected to that output.
So the transistor collector turns off and the LED becomes dark.
In the video the circuit works at the maximum speed, but you can make it faster by using a smaller capacitor. 



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    What is the use of transistor here?

    I took an alternative approach to this circuit. The output's of the 4017 are internally protected. in brief, it you connect the LED'd with the annode (+) side directly to the output you can reduce the number of components, and if you connect output's 6-9 to the middle 4 LED's (through simple switching diodes to protect output's 1-4) you will get the same effect with less battery drain.

    I'm working on an instructable to illustrate some of the versions I have made over the years...

    other wise, keep up the good work.


    i found this schematic for an audio controlled led chaser. can you please tell me if it's correct or not because i made it and it isn't working as of yet. please help!!

    audio led chaser.jpg

    I love this. It's hard to find projects like this. I commend you for this project of awesomeness.

    I had something pretty close to this already in LTSpiceIV, so I modeled this for fun. It works, and you can play around with it until your hearts content.