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Introduction: LED Christmas Tree Lights

This is a simple project that anyone, with basic skills, can make.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

  • LEDS
  • tape
  • wires
  • Ply or MDF
  • glue
  • solding iron
  • colored pencils
  • battery
  • battery snap
  • imagination

Step 2: Getting Started

I always talk in mm as I find it much simpler and easier to use. An off cut is ideal for this around 100mm X 80mm. I have used plastic and cut them with the laser cutter when make a large number of them but that

Step 3: Cutting the Shape

Once you have measured the ply mark in @25 from each side an d 20 up from the bottom. This leaves @ 30 which is wide enough to cover the battery. I used a band saw but a coping saw or any saw would be fine.

Step 4: Marking the Holes for the LEDs

Mark in @ 5mm from the edges and 5mm from the bottom for the bottom 2 lights and where the lines intersect for the top LED and just halve the gap for the middle LEDs. I used 5mm LEDs but any size would be fine just adjust the spacing to suit.

Step 5: Fitting the LEDs

I used 3 red LEDs and 2 green for the Xmas feel but colours are up to you and your imagination. I just pushed them in, a nice snug fit. Push them in with the annode + and cathod - annode cathode so you end up with - + - + all the way around the tree and solder them together. I alway touch the battery snap before I solder them as I quite often get them around the wrong way.

Step 6: Finishing

I use coloured pencils to finish the tree and add colour. Once the tree is together and working I either hot glue or use double sided tape to hold the battery onto the back as it acts as a stand for the tree.

On this tree I used a flashing LED to make the others flash and create a little interest. Enjoy.



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    So much better, don't have worry about cleaning up all the needles, or trying to detangle the lights out of the branches! Nice job, thanks for sharing!