Recently I was deleting some files from my computer and found some photos of my old project. It was made a few years ago. It's very simple and don't require much time, skills and materials. This dice helps me to relax and come up with ideas. I hope you will like it!
P.S. You can give it as a little gift for someone with no reason.

Sorry for very poor video quality. It was captured with my old phone...

Step 1: Tools and Materials

How I mentioned you will need just a few things, which you will find in your house or in dads garage. If you dont't find something, you can buy it just for a few dollars in local store:
  • 3 or 4mm drill bit;
  • drill;
  • a jigsaw
  • sanding paper;
  • 4mm plywood;
  • super glue and wood glue;
  • lighter with LED torch;
  • switch;
  • blinking two color LED;
  • soldering iron and solder;
  • clamps;
  • spray paint.
And of course ruller and pencil. No work can be created without their help
When labeling the die the opposite sides should add up to seven.
Somebody mentioned that,but thanks anyway :)
So is there one side that doesn't have a lit number? I'm confused about what the "bottom" looks like at the end and how you put batteries in at the end. Is the die weighted or does it roll fairly randomly?
Yes, you are totally right, one side ("bottom") isn't lit. I don't have any photo how bottom looks like at the end. But batteries holder is open from outside, so it's easy to change them. This dice was made just for fun so I don't think it will roll quite well
I got very confused because my English is not good but about the project. Unique and interesting, just awesome.
My english isn't very good either, so don't be afraid to ask if you don't understand something. And thanks for appreciation!
excellent work on a simple project (speaking about PCB)....voted
It's amazing the number of people that don't know that. I bet they've handled and looked at many dice and not noticed. <br> <br>Good project. Excellent use for left-over plywood.
Wow, that's neat. Good job making a unique project. Thanks for posting.
I'm happy you liked it! Thanks!
Good job. One quick tip, though. Opposing sides of a die should always add up to seven. <br>If you look at a commercially available die you will see that the side with 1 pip is opposite the side with 6 pips. The side with 2 pips is opposite the side with 5 pips. And the side with 3 pips is opposite the side with 4 pips. I.e. 1+6, 2+5, 3+4 all equal 7. <br>
oh, wow, that's nice. I didn't notice that. Thanks!
the output does not look like wood at all! Nice job!
Thanks! Nobody believed at first that this dice is made from wood

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