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1. LED display is made of small LED lights.  The small led lights have three colors, ie. green, red, blue. This three colors can be integrated to all the colors.
Generally, the LED can be made two types: DIP & SMD.

The first led is for DIP, the another one is for SMD. 

Step 1:

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2.Modules: Each module has 8*8 or 16*8 LEDs.

Step 2: LED Curtain in Water

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IP Grade: IP 68
Pixel pitch: 20mm

Step 3: Warmly Welcome by Domestic and Foreign Customers

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2011 LED CHINA in Guangzhou during March 1~4,2011. YES TECH won great praise by all the visitors. In this fair, you can see the latest new items which designed by us. Except this, you would find a LED cabinet which is in water. In the sank, you could see the gold fish swimming happily. This attracted lots of visitors.

The water proof ability achieves IP68. During the fair, it was totally under water. It worked normally during that period.


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