This instructable will show you how to make a display with LEDs. Count an afternoon for all the cutting and soldering.
The band's name is 'les josettes noires'. They're a girl's fanfare based in Paris.
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Now, let's get on with the making...

You'll need:
- a sousaphone
- 150+ LEDs (8 per letter)
- a battery (we took 3x(4x1.5V) rechargeable ones in serie.
- as many resistors (the right ones) as you have letters
- Someone good with numbers to tell you the type of resistors and battery you need
- thick (10mm) white foam board
- thin (4mm) black foam board
- a switch
- a stripe of fabric for the outside if you want
- double sided tape
- cutter
- a thick needle
- soldering iron + solder
- wire
- a sunday afternoon
- a girl's fanfarre

Step 1: Get Cutting

First, measure the sousaphone and make a nice Illustrator file with the letters and the cut-out shape you want for the outside. Reverse it and print it. It took us around 8 pages to fit everything. Rearrange the pages and double-side tape them on the thick foamboard. Draw some thicker bumps on the inside (4mm) so the ring can sit nicely and tightely on the sousaphone.
Print the letters again. Double side-tape them on the black foam board. Cut them.
Now on the back side of the ring, mark with a needle the corners of the letters. Go all the way through the thick foam board. That way, you can see where to place the letters so they fit evenly, as you had planed on Illustrator.
Use double-sided tape again to fix the letters where they belong.
That's awesome!
i have 2 ?'s, 1. will this damage the sousaphone in anyway? 2. how much money will this cost?
Hi toadyman433, 1 it won't damage the sousaphone because the ring is only held tight on the edge. 2 LEDs are cheap! It did cost us around 45euros in total...
this is really awesome me and my friends had an idea similar to this but was alot simpler..i will have to try and get our section to make some of these for the sousa's..or maybe even the school.
Wow. Very impressive.
I can't even describe how many ways this kicks a$$.
An amazing job.<br> Congratulations

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