Things haven't been the same since the summer solstice, I've noticed the daylight declining as we approach Fall here in the Pacific North. Sneaky, Mother Nature, tease me with sunshine and warmth only to rob me when I become complacent. I suppose there's rain on the way too, hmmm? Typical.
While it lasted, sunny summer evenings allowed for longer adventures, eating a late meal at sunset and walk home in the warm evening air. Yet, night always comes. When darkness falls it would be nice to have a small, personal over ear LED light to guide your way back to your tent, or light your favourite book when in bed.

In this project, I'll show how to make a small, light-weight, personal LED light worn as an earpiece, and made from dollar-store components. These LED lobe lights will blow away the commercial variety, and cost around $6.00(CAD) for the components.
These ear lights are and alternative to camping headlamps, which can be too overpowering for reading. And an alternative to portable reading lamps, which are usually too dim to be of much use outside of reading.

On a recent trip, I stumbled upon ear mounted LED's which were the inspiration for this instructable. The models had just one earpiece, one LED, and sold for the whopping price of $21.00(CAD)...just for one!
Some research uncovers that prices range from $12-$20 each*.
Sold in units of one, all designs I've seen have just one LED, primarily designed for reading use.
*link, and link

These lights were constructed in under an hour, using dollar-store goodies, a soldering iron and a hot-glue gun.
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Enough talk, let's LED this darkness!

Step 1: Tools + Materials

Tools are common enough to be found/borrowed easily.
Most of the materials were found at the dollar store, remainder are easily acquirable:

  • soldering iron
  • hot-glue gun
  • needle-nose pliers
  • Philips-head screwdriver
  • safety goggles
  • 2x book lights($dollar store)
  • over-ear headphones ($dollar store)
  • multi-LED flashlight ($dollar store)
  • 50/50 tin/lead solder
  • flux
<p>just lovely and practical. it had a fashion statement too. </p>
Most excellent! A great project. However, I think they could keep the wires for listening to music unless they are as you said poor listening devices or perhaps broken earphones. I hope you don.t mind if I copy and improve the design. If I do, I will do an instructable as you have here. Thanks for the ideas and posting this wonderful gadget idea.
Great idea!! Also re: keep headphones attached and working, this would be great for the Kindle and other eReaders that read to you
these are sweet i love the idea and i am so jealous i didn't think of this! great job <br>
Could you leave the headphone wires attached. And actually use the headphones as they are?
Yes!<br />I chose to remove the wires as the headphones were cheap and had terrible audio and I just wanted the lights, but you can totally leave them as operation headphones and listen to your music
Alright I'm definitely going to make this. Thanks for the instructions
If you leave the wires and plug attached to the headphones you can listen to music while reading, walking, or whatever.
or use them as a head set for a walkie talkie and have a mini mike on the other and have the LED's as IR LED's and attach a mini digital camera to your head after removing the IR lens and you have a fully functioning tactical night vision headset :P
I like your idea, but I think it's just to many parts and busy work. I still think that the best kind of hands free light is one you can hand to anyone and they can just use without too much of the yuck factor you will get from things too close to your ear.<br><br>IMO the baseball cap light is the best choise, it's adjustable, can carry more lights and batteries and ou can hand it to anyone with the worry about it falling off and it's easy to ware for a long time and it will keep your head warm in the wenter.<br><br>Please don't take it the wrong way I like your work it's great..
wow you can get all this stuff at most dollar stores
It's a great idea and seeing as I have those bits laying around I think I might make one or two.<br>Also:<br>You could use infrared LEDs and hide from cameras. Or rather be blocked from the camera.
Hey this is very nice!<br>Great freehand light for multiple occasions, maybe I will add power with the earphone cable so durability will be extended.
awesome picture for sure, nice beginner project

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