Picture of LED light beat to music

This project is taking a tip 31 transistor and hooking it up to a led light so that when plugged in will light up to the music that is playing. You'll need a audio spitter that you plug the light in one of the female ports and you audio source into the other female audio port. Then the male audio port you plug into your ipod or whatever device you use to play you music.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

wire strippers
solder iron
electrical tape
screw driver

led box
transister 31
2 in one out audio jack
male end audio jack with wire

Step 2: Make it:

solder the ground from the male audio jack to the right pin of T 31. also solder your ground wire to this pin.
solder the postive wire from coming from the battery to the center pin of the T 31.
solder one of the audio out wire from the male audio jack to the right pin on the T 31.