LED Mod--for an Old Dell (any Computer Will Work)


Introduction: LED Mod--for an Old Dell (any Computer Will Work)

I decided to make my old Dell (now a linux box) some bling(ish) so I grabbed some LED's, a switch, a terminal block, and some wire, a molex, and some resistors. You only need one (value depending on 12 v or 5 volt--I had 6 because I did not have a correct value) Very simple mod, but soldering skills were required. I just hotglued the LED's to the front panel of my case, and drilled a hole for the microswitch. A $10 mod that is very simple and looks very good.

Step 1: This Is the Original Computer

This is the original computer. Any computer will work, but the grille in this computer is perfect for invisibly making it glow.
sorry for the sideways--just turn yer head

Step 2: Create the Module for Installation.

From left to right:

SPST switch-2 LED's wired in paralell-terminal block-resistors-molex-power supply cord (NOT part of project)

See schematic image for wiring. One does not need a terminal block-any prototyping PCB will do. It was just convenient for me.

Step 3: Final Product

Here is what it looks like. Note the switch, and light placement.



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     I have the same computer(not used anymore ofcourse)

     I was Thinking about using usb so it would be controlable from your computer to turn them on/off

    ... and black, and transparent.. : )

    Me too. What model do you have? I have the E-tower 500 is and it's a piece of junk!

    emachine T2862 3.8 ghz Celeron D 2gb ram

    oooohhh i has a slightly older......or maby newer model its a 3.33 with 512ram

    I have a emachines too! Yesterday I just painted the case and a week ago I cut out a window.

    i dont know about yours but mine is fast great, never crashed and plays games great.

    DELL DIMENSIONS make great linux pcs! I had the same model. It worked great! But my mom made throw it out! Whaaaaah!

    7 replies

    Your mom made you throw out a perfectly good, working computer? Can I stab her?

    i know i hate when my mom makes me throw out perfictly good things whaaaaaah!!

    Noooo.... You may not stab her, and yes. Our basement was flooded and the insurance replaced it. It was not damaged by water at all though.

    I had one but i never put linux on it

    IT was much faster with xubuntu. My mother threw it away, so now I have moved on to a Panasonic toughbook (CF-72)!

    I also switch my old dell inspiron 5000 to xubuntu and it goes much faster!

    I found like five of these in the recycling center, and this time, I got away with them.

    Cool I have that SAME exact computer too! Dell Dimension 4100