LED Panel Lamp





Introduction: LED Panel Lamp

Well, yesterday I got attack of conscience and decide to make something local to improve world power shortage. I rebuild old halogen 12W lamp in my table lamp on modern LED light.

Step 1: Halogen 10W

This was reason which push me to work. I have electric power AC220V and it's transformed to plain AC12V which drive this lamp with 1A...o light and heat with 12 W. Very hot!

Step 2: Heat

You can see what heat of 12W do... plastic is melted. Well light color is warm about 3000K. Its not day light which we like much.

Step 3: Eternal Plexi

I took 5mm Plexiglas 120x80mm, drill holes for LED foots. Also I shall rectify AC to DC current.

Step 4: Serial

LED China. 11mm dia. 3.6V and 20mA. Each.And I have 12VDC output.What to do?
I shall connect LED serial !-so 4 leds shall easy hold 14.4V! In my case 12V divide with 4 is 3V. Less. OK.

Step 5: Mirror

I took alchoholic silver paint pen to paint bottom of each led. Do you know why?  To increase light in front direction. My moto: keep it simple.

Step 6: Assembled!

White wires are AC12V from transformer. AC is converted in DC with Graetz diodes, full wave, After that is 8 lines of 4 LEDs ...voila!

Step 7: Be Light!

Switch on! ...nothing burned...it works! Nothing is warm...even 4 Graetz-diodes (they are 1A) are cold.
Instead 2W I have output 12VX15mAX8=cca 1,5W... or so..

Step 8: And Light Is On!

I put on back(glued) 6mm sponge. (roll sponge for laying on pool...). YOU can put a tape. Or card paper. Or something else --- what you like. Just for better look and some protection. And
of course: WARNING. Do this on own risk. Not mine.



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    I'm new with this so I could use some help, are the LED's are connected in parallel or series? This will work if I use a ordinary resistor and power it up using as 12v battery? thanks..

    Yes, If you choose the right resistor


    very high quality work! I really love the trick of using silver paint to add reflectivity. I've made dozens of such arrays (36led each ) for garden lights, however they're on blank pcb. the acrylic is adding a new dimension to the looks. very fancy!

    Very nice project , Its what exactily i'd thinking about , But u said u'd connect ur LEDs in series and u used 16 LEDs that mean u need 16x3=48 v , But ur power supply gives u only 12 V , Would u explain that for me cose i wanna convert my desktop lamp to the same , Thx.

    Dear, 1. I like to have your full name or Email.. 2. Each LED have nominal Voltage 3--3.6V Each LED is rated/calculated on 20mA (now we have also a bigger/stronger LEDs)
    3. Divide 12V (13V) with 3,6V you get  number 3

    4. 3,6 V X 3 =10,8  V
        3.6 V X 4 =14,4 V
    5. You can securely take 4 LEDs in series.
         Each line of 4 LEDs give you  20mA X 14.4 V = 0,028 W  of needed/used power .
    6. Desktop lamps are usually halogen lamp about 10-20W or more, so transformer is  already overpowered ...


    I am a beginner, need the circuit diagram.

    there is a lot of amps coming out the secondary side of the transformer.. because of that you can use an LED with 4/10 of a volt because it gets a lot of amps, or milliamps.

    Calculation is correct!
    I have 4 LED in series... it means 4 x 3 V = 12V total.
    Therefore I have 8 lines at 4 LEDs...paralel...
    You can put limen at 4 LEDS how much you want