Picture of LED personal nightlight
Create your own custom nightlight, using graphics or lettering!!!
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Step 1: Material

Picture of Material
-A plain night light from the store
- a test page to get the right graphic or lettering of choice
- a sticker paper that allows you to print the image and stick it to the plastic.

Step 2:

Picture of
Here you want to cut the print out so it covers the plastic canvas.
-Note i did my image in mirror so that i when i etch the cut-out parts they will be the correct way when finished.

Step 3: Sticker and covering

Picture of sticker and covering
sticker on ready to cut the lettering out.

Step 4: Cut outs

Picture of cut outs
Carefully cut out the lettering so as not to go too far outside the lines or the plastic will be left with scratches that are not wanted.

Step 5: Sandblasting

Picture of sandblasting
Here is where the magic happens
-use a sandblaster to etch the parts that you cut out

Step 6: Peel off the sticker

Picture of peel off the sticker

Step 7: Clean up and light up

Picture of clean up and light up
i like how accurate the sand blasting is over using a dremel! how much did your sandblasting setup cost?
zazenergy4 years ago
That's awesome!