I needed a good lantern for camping, so I deceided to make a 12 volt lantern that I run off of my 12 volt batteries. I used LED strip lighting for the illumination. I wrapped the the led strip around an empty toilet paper holder. I used glue to make sure that it stuck. I soldered red and black wires to to the positive and negative wires coming from the LED strip. on The other end I have connectors soldered on that i plug into my 12 volt battery.

i would reccommend ordering a bunch of theses ahead of time

Step 1: Tools and Supplies:


Solder iron


wire strippers

electrical tape



led strip

battery 12 volts

lantern(made for oil, bought at walmart)

toilet paper roll


<p>here's how I did mine: </p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-cheap-waterproof-LED-lamp/</p>

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