If you're maker of the adventurous type who tries first and thinks later, when the smoke has gone, you'll find LEDs suffering all kinds of fatal injuries. This mini-project is about recycling those poor LEDs in an orthopedically clever way, making the perfect foot reflex zone massage-sandal for geeks.

And by the way, LEDs do not necessarily need to light up, allthough that's their main purpose. But I'm not going to tell you crazy makers about hardware hacking... :)

Step 1: Preparation

All you need for the LED geek sandals is some styrofoam, a cutter, pincers, duct tape and loads of dead LEDs
<p>Really!!?? hahaha LOL!! I have to try this out!</p>
its really................nice....................plz...........go on like that...................
you could use a battery pack that hooks up to your belt and it goes down to the shoe. you know I think I'm going to take a pair of sneakers and coat the outside with all kinds of colors and could tape a battery pace to the back of the shoe
yeah you could use the wireless power instructable :P
I'm looking forward to see that!
you shold have a simiflexible covering on the leds to make it more comtrable..
LOL you shouldve used real LEDs and have em all wired up in between two layers of foam or something and everytime you take a step, they light up! wait... you can't see them -_-
Those are "real LEDs".
you could use 2 layers and a bunch of coin cell 3v would work great and would be very bright!
Oh, so they don't light up?<br/>:-(<br/>It could be one of those thick sandals, with 2 layers, and in the middle are batteries connected up to the LED's, and don't forget resistors!<br/>That would be <em>awesome.</em><br/>
this is what i thought the instructable was about when i first saw it.
Well, it's about recycling and massage, I thought the blinking shoes are already commercially exploited... ;)
Thats really cool. I'd imagine if the LEDS were proportionately placed, they would be very comfortable. Its like the bed of nails trick. Nice one.
Are they comfortable?
Woah, are those <em>black</em> LEDs?!?!?!<br/>
The black ones are IR LEDs, so they are kinda black, as you don't see them when they are alight ;)
Wow, thanks for all the cool comments!<br/>And of course you <em>could</em> make them light up, but the battery power required would really be a heavy load to carry around...<br/> For the Rave Sandals you could connect the floor to some power source, and the party people would shake like crazy, with flashing LED feet...<br/>
Nice. If you add battery power you can use them as foot warmers. It's funny because I'm one of the few people who have 150 + LEDs that I'm not using.
With the IR LEDs in there you'd probably scorch your feet, so it might be a training sandal for monks that have to walk on coals or something... There is always a market...
That's a brilliant and seriously whacky project. I think it would be even better if the LEDs DID light up, but I guess you'd need to carry a whole lead acid battery arround with you to fire them up. perhaps some kind of piezo material under neath that connected to all the LEDs so that when you walked they glowed where the most pressure was..... oooo, any way great project.
NOOO! How could you waste all those leds! Still, pretty cool!
IF only you could wire them all up. Make it trance and flash, Have some Rave sandals. But aside from that. They looks shsweet
It actually looks pretty comfortable. Nice instructable.
ow. heh. yet cool.

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