Picture of LED under cabinet or porch lights!
cold dark.jpg
Please forgive my grimmer and spelling, English is my first language. 

For a long time I have quested to use LEDs with AC Main voltage, without the sparking and burning. This is my first instructable to show my quest for easy LED lighting without any expansive converters or transformers.

I've been look at LEDs for 10 years and I can't see very well. I'm in love with them, How they sparkle, add solar panels and rechargeable battery's and OH BABY, Hit me one more time. (yes I need help)

(if you start a fire and burn something down you have been warned, This is for information only even though you might see pictures of a finished product I assure you they are all tricks of light and shadow)

No joke be careful if you try this at home, I'm on heavy meds and cant be trusted.
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Step 1: Long dark nights

Picture of Long dark nights
 Here in the Woods of Oregon it's always dark in the winter, the sun goes down at 4:20, And the ghosts wail in the free of the night, my only protection is the light I can forge with my own frail hands.

For this reason I've chosen to share my triumphs
maanhe3r4 years ago
I'd like to try building this too.
What is the price and source of your LEDS?
How about a complete detailed parts list description?
Warlrosity5 years ago
Uh huh...