No intro

Nothing to say

Just Flashlight using USB cable

Just simple


Step 1: Materials

knife (or stripper)

tape LED (3V)

LED (5V)

Resistor (110V) or 2x resistor (220V 100ohm -parallel connect)

Usb cable (default 5V)

Power source

Step 2: Process

Strip the wire

Power wire is red and black one

Red is anonde

Black is athode

White and green is data wire (unnecessary)

Strip black and red wire

Twist them

Step 3: ​With LED (3V)

Connect resistor with LED (3V)

Try power and correct electrode

Turn off power and connect them in correct way

Use tape to surround your device

Step 4: With LED (5V)

we dont need resistor

Step 5: Thanks for Watching (-)_(-)

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