Picture of LEDBERG (ikea) easy desk lamp conversion
I run into this LEDBERG string light at the store the other day and bought two without knowing exactly what to do with them, but I already use one set to get some ambiance light behind my tv, and later I used the other one for a cool looking LED desk lamp. So here it is.

Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
I recycle a lot of discarded materials, I had an old base for a desk lamp laying around waiting to be reuse, this was an excellent chance to put it to a good use.
I use a leg from a cheap aluminum tripod, (a "C" channel aluminum profile will do the work too)
Of course the only expense, the LEDBERG from Ikea for $12.00.
Double Side tape
Small saw or dremel tool (to cut the channel)
Drill and bits
Screws and nuts.

myrrh0095 months ago

Nice looking lamp! Could you tell me what the width of the LEDBERG LED's are? I am planning on making the same thing but with common 3/8" width aluminum channel from the hardware store. I didn't want to order that LEDBERG from ikea and find out it won't fit in the 3/8" width channel... Thanks!