Introduction: LEDGET

Picture of LEDGET

LEDGET (LEGO FIDGET) - Simple and easily customizable Lego spinner for kids and adults :)


Do you have some spare parts from your Lego sets? Have you dismantled your robot and wondering on your next project or Are you new to playing with Lego BUT Love FIDGETS... Herezzz a simple project of a spinner that you can build at home, in your free time with simple Lego parts.

Step 1: Parts Required

Picture of Parts Required


1. Lego pin without friction - 3

2.Lego Axle to pin connector - 1


3. Lego axle 3M -1

4. Lego axle with 2 grooves - 2


5. Lego beam 1x2 with axle hole and pin hole - 3

6. Lego triangular beam type 2 - 2

Gears and Wheels

7. Two 8 teeth gear

8. Three small wheels

Note: Any available parts can be used to replace the gears and wheels section which are similar in size

Step 2: Body of Ledget

Picture of Body of Ledget

It is highly necessary to have a proper design of the spinner such that the center of mass is in such a way it can balance the entire the body.


For this, add the Lego pins to corner of the Lego triangular beam as shown in the finger. Choose the correct triangular beam and the wheels which represents the ball bearing of the commercial fidget spinner.

The weight at the corners of the Fidget spinner must be symmetric such that center of mass is uniform.


To the pins add the 1x2 Lego beam facing outward. A support to the beam can be provided if the beam displaces itself from the position,if required.

Step 3: Ledget Ball Bearings

Picture of Ledget Ball Bearings


Add the wheels like structure which acts as the ball bearing and insert the axle and gear at the center of the triangular beam.

Complete these steps to have your own LEDGET spinner!!



Swansong (author)2017-07-27

That's a fun way to make one :) I'm curious to see how it spins!