Picture of LED,Magnetic heart.
This is my own version of this instructable
by technick29

and this
by neelandan

I liked the idea of giving my girlfriend something I had built.

Step 1: Leds and wire..

Picture of Leds and wire..
The led I used were from an old cell phone, red in colour.It was a handfull to desolder but after destroying a couple I managed to end up with some usable ones.The wire is from the inside of a small motor.I used this because it is small enough and shielded with some kind of varnish so there are no short-circuits happening.Some earth magnets,and a button cell 3v battery with a 10 Ohm resistor.
imbardo4 years ago
nice idea
where do u get that
Dissension7 years ago
Great job man!!! I never would have made the other hearts that yours was based on. Yours however is so good I'm definitely gonna make this version for the girlfriend. Thanks for making this instructable.
technick297 years ago
Hey awesome job! I love it when people do their own spin on things. Wonderful.
RioSif7 years ago
Good job! You must be a very romantic guy! Sweet! :-P
Actually a pretty neat idea. A little too late for Valintine's day, but a smart idea, might try this out, looks cool!
mastelios (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thanks!well I didn't make it for the valintine's day,but the effect on my girlfriend was good enough!Try it!