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LEDs are cheap, easy and versatile, and best of all, they make light. They can be used for just about any application that requires lighting (and some things that don't). In fact, LEDs come in an array of different sizes, shapes, colors and intensities. Just check out some of these cool projects below for an impressive and informative sample of LED projects on Instructables.

How to make your own LED lightbulbs style
a tutorial to making factory-made-look-a-like LED bulbs. After many attempts to make all sorts of LED-conversions I finnaly found one solution that is simple and efficient. Of course, you do need a g...
Dot Matrix Business Card style
If my flashlight business card isn't advanced enough for you, then how about one with a full graphical display on it that can be customised for a number of scrolling messages? This one could be made i...
LED Cube 4x4x4 style
Amazing 3 dimensional LED display. 64 LEDs makes up this 4 by 4 by 4 cube, controlled by an Atmel Atmega16 microcontroller. Each LED can be addressed individually in software, enabling it to display ...
turn signal biking jacket style
This tutorial will show you how to build a jacket with turn signals that will let people know where you're headed when you're on your bike. We'll use conductive thread and sewable electronics so your...
LED Chess Set style
..................................................................................................................................................................................It all started with an...
LED matrix using shift registers style
This instructable is meant to be a more complete explanation than others available online. Notably, this will provide more hardware explanation than is available in the LED Marquee instructable by le...
Synchronizing Fireflies style
Have you ever asked yourself how do hundreds and thousands of fireflies are able to synchronize themselves? How does it work, that they are able to blink all together without having a kind of boss fir...
How to make an Iron Man Arc Reactor style
Feb 2012 A long time in the making but I'm finally pleased to announce that this arc has be superseded by a newer design which I'm calling the MkII. The MkII features laser cut parts from a metallic c...
Electric Umbrella style
Turn an ordinary umbrella into something whimsical and magical. The Electric Umbrella will glow with many pinpoints of light. Carry the sun and the stars with you at night! Perfect for night-time s...
Magnetic Refrigerator Lights style
Turn your fridge into a canvas for LED art. Any passerby can place and relocate the magnetic LEDs any way they wish to create illuminated pictures and messages. It's great for high traffic kitchens ...
LED Throwies style
Developed by the Graffiti Research Lab a division of the Eyebeam R&D OpenLab, LED Throwies are an inexpensive way to add color to any ferromagnetic surface in your neighborhood. A Throwie consists of ...
Light Bar Ambient Lighting style
A light bar can brighten your house through the use of ambient lighting. You can lighten up hallways, add a fading glow effect behind your entertainment center, create new patterns in light graffiti o...
Awesome led cube style
You never know when you might need a glowing cube to convince people you are from the future.
I wanted to experiment with a lot of LED;s on AC mains, and this is the result. I have used 160 white LED's for this project and it has been a success.It gives a bright light and is suitable for the D...
With energy at shortage, we strive to conserve. Although we attempt to buy the greenest electronics and turn them off as much as we can, we still find ourselves with those energy wasting incandescent...
Hand Lights style
If you work with your hands and want to have more light where you're working, these hand lights (okay.. forearm lights) work great and are pretty simple to make. Use them for working with crafts, elec...
RGBike POV - Open project style
RGBike POV also known as RGB POV for beginners to make at home This i'ble is in constant update. If you're planning on doing something don't be afraid to drop a question. I've always wanted a POV fo...
How to make a small DIY LED Projector style
I been working on this for about some time. I like to do thins that are not to expensive but does the job of something a lot more expensive. I think in this web page you can find lots of people doing ...
Aurora 18x18 - the Big Brother of Aurora 9x18 style
There are some things that you can never stop. After building Aurora 9x18, I just could not shake off wondering, what if I made it bigger... So I finally broke down and made a bigger version of Aurora...
Jellyfish Lamp style
Hello, this is Aaron Wasserman, Customer Service Rep here at Elemental LED. This Jellyfish Lamp, which now proudly sits on my desk and keeps me company, was my first attempt at working with LEDs. So ...
Inexpensive DIY LED Lightbox for Tracing style
As an Industrial design student, I often trace my rough sketches refine them into nice looking presentation drawings. I've been wanting to get a light box for a while now, but the ones commercially av...
DIY USB LED Lantern style
Turn an old junk (or new) lantern into a nice  multi purpose light. Looks nice on your desk or hanging in your room or perhaps a camping trip. As it USB powered it has limits, However this can also be...
Green LED USB Bulb style
This instructable will gude you to the process of modifying a regular 220VAC bulb to a USB plugged LED bulb. It it a nice touch around your PC or anywhere in your room. It won't be able to light your...
Kid's Green Tech - Solar Garden Lamp Kit style
The Kit: This instructable is based on a kids science project that I am doing in a few days time with my daughter and a few of her friends.  It's simple and fairly quick to do so although it does inv...
Infinity Mirror Pendant style
I've seen numerous infinity mirrors and always liked the effect.  However, I've never seen a really small one.  I had recently purchased a new type of resin and wanted to try it out.  What popped into...
LED lightbulb ornament style
The festive lights this time of the year are my favourite, I could watch blinking lights and sip on hot chocolate by a roaring fire all evening. So when it came time to contribute to Robot Lover's 201...
LED Chandelier Light style
I built a few cool projects I found on and now it's time for me to contribute.  This is a LED chandelier that I made using Christmas LED string lights.  It not difficult to make but ...
Mood bowl style
I am in the process of designing all the lamps and lights in my house. For my living room I wanted to create a nice mood light.  Its a little bit inspired by the commercial available mood lamps with...


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