LEGO Airplane Tug





Introduction: LEGO Airplane Tug

Hello!! This is a simple airplane tug I made for any LEGO plane. The current ones that come in LEGO sets are way too small, while this one is too big, but it is some eyecandy to look at. It works great and is very durable. (dropped it on concrete floor, no piece fell off)

Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: PLEASE do not rate this 5*'s. There are tugs way better than this one and I do not need OMFG BEST THING EVAR 5,000 STARS!!!! Thank you.



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    Thanks! I loosely based it off of pictures on the internet.

    When the skeeball machine is apart, I'm going to clean it up. There are cobwebs too. o_O I think the population of minifigs was replaced with a population of spiders...

    I'm going to buy a dustbuster. :-)

    This is cool! If I had an airplane in my city I'd make one. :-P I don't think it's too big though, the planes in the airport sets are too small.

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    LOL, Well, I like to take apart my sets sometimes, not like you who has a whole city collecting dust. :-P