CSI worker1 year ago
looks good!
Randomguy65 (author)  kwintisolo122342 years ago
Thanks! I loosely based it off of pictures on the internet.
made one without a windshield
~Meme~2 years ago
Randomguy65 (author)  ~Meme~2 years ago
Shadowman392 years ago
This is cool! If I had an airplane in my city I'd make one. :-P I don't think it's too big though, the planes in the airport sets are too small.
Randomguy65 (author)  Shadowman392 years ago
LOL, Well, I like to take apart my sets sometimes, not like you who has a whole city collecting dust. :-P
When the skeeball machine is apart, I'm going to clean it up. There are cobwebs too. o_O I think the population of minifigs was replaced with a population of spiders...
Randomguy65 (author)  Shadowman392 years ago
I'm going to buy a dustbuster. :-)