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This is a very simple Lego airplane that probably any if u could come up with, but i put it on here anyways. Enjoy!

Step 1:

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Take a flat 2 by 12 and use that as the base.

Step 2:

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Add a flat 2 by16 for the wings. 7 dots on each side. 3 dots from the front and 7 from the back of the plane. Add two little grill type things if u have them.

Step 3:

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Add a seat, a 6 by 3 windshield, (or smaller,) and a tail.

Step 4:

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Add some wheels, and wallah! A Lego airplane. This is a simple model, i will try to make a bigger one soon. Thnx!


jtat (author)2014-05-28



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