Picture of LEGO Butterfly Knife (Balisong)
Ill be teaching you how to create an awesome LEGO butterfly knife that actually functions! It doesnt take too long to make and its really entertaining.I think this is the only butterfly knife 'able, so enjoy! please rate ***** its my 3rd 'able. I made an individual step for everything in case some of you dont have accounts

Step 1: Peices

Picture of Peices
Please read all the boxes in the picture
4 15 holed technic peices
6 round cross peices (top middle)
4 4 -hole-long cross peices
3 3 -hole-long cross peices
2 3 -hole-long snap in peices
a blade of your choice
4 2-hole cross peices
4 4-hole cross/hole peices
the peices in bottom middle that are boxed in ( read the box )
the "tooth" peices( read the box )
a 2 hole long cross peice
and a peice of hollow lego tube(optional)
almcgo (author) 4 years ago
Im getting a butterfly knife in a week or two but this is my favorite 'able ive made so far pleasae comment
leetron1 year ago
jojojo3172 years ago
were can I get the knife blade?
jamaljj2 years ago
WOW this is so cool. http://bestmachete.net/balisong-knives-reviewed/
getting a butterfly knife trainer XD ordered from amazon
hey do u have a video on youtube on how to make this? if you do thats awesome cuz im going on youtube
The Sensei4 years ago
WOOT!! this is awesome. it definitely beats my knex balisong. 5 star
for my knex balisong its so crappy i mean the blade just a stick!
question which blade would you use to make one and can u tell me a place where you can buy the materials and for the blade i mean like from wat toy or thing thanks
benbar123 years ago
I voted 5 Stars!!!
almcgo (author) 4 years ago
thanks guys
(YOUR N4 years ago